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26 May 2006

To J-Cat from Mark
I am sorry to hear that the subject of Dianetics and Scientology neither interested nor helped you. You probably read the books out of sequence and got an mu, no wonder you are confused and dont understand the subject. Dont worry, thats normal. However, its not smart to discourage others from trying it out as it may just work for them, not so? You stick to your therapists and your psych drugs and I'll bet if I check this forum out in 10 years time you (and about 500 new so called 'mentally disturbed' indivuduals) will be on the site complaining about the AD's that are not working after 10 years or the side effects that they are battling with. For goodness sake, if psychiatry worked, it would be a dying practise, there would be less psychiatrists, less mental disorders and more happy and well people - but ... is that the case? NO, the numbers of so called mentally ill is growing at an incredible rate so just how many cases are the psychiatrists curing????? Scientology and Dianetics does more for mankind globally in JUST ONE DAY than psychiatry does on a twelve month period!!! The technology has helped thousands and thousands of people to successfully kick their drug or alcohol problem, save their marriage, cure (yes I said cure) their child of dyslexia and even eradicate completely certain illnesses or diseases that they have been suffering with for many years - people call these 'miracles', no we call it Dianetics!!

Something that doesnt work, doesnt last. That goes for businesses, restaurants, marriages or whatever - and Scientology and Dianetics is proof of that. It's been around since 1947, is working and is growing - why because it works!

We have centres which help people off drugs called Narconon, centres that rehabilitate criminals back into society, called Criminon and volunteer ministers who help with disasters such as the Twin Towers, Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, the fires on Table Mountain and now the floods in Port Elizabeth. So yes, we help in a big way.

So dont be the stop to some poor soul wanting help when psychiatry hasnt. Dianetics could just save his life - it has for thousands of people. I attended a Dianetics event in London last November and there were 7500 people there. They all seemed pretty happy and well to me! We are always there for anyone who wants the technology. We raise awareness, ability and IQ in people, it works like magic everytime.

I am merely offering an option for the people who need help and seem desperate. If they dont like it or it doesnt work for them, fine they can stick to CBT and psychiatric drugs but trust me the problem wont go away.

Dianetics and Scientology only works for the honest and the able, so if it didnt work for you, shame and better luck next (life) time!!

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01 Jan 0001

I think I'd get a moo even if I read them IN sequence. Now why would it be "not wise" for jcat to discourage people from trying your favourite quack therapy ( unproven claims andf all ) but terribly wise for you to discourage people from taking orthodox therapies that have been tried and tested for years, and established to be useful ? Where's the wisdom ?
But by all means return to this site in 10 years ( we'll enjoy the decade free from your propaganda, in the meantime ) --- and how sad it would be if you were still doing a daffy Tom Cruise grin, jumping on the sofa, about how wonderful Scientology is. Like most fanatics, you simply repeat the propaganda, and cannot offer proof, because there has never ever been any proper scientific proof that Dienetics or Scientology ever cured anything.
And what a horror to know that in the event of any disaster, there'll be a flock of scientologists, hovering like vultures, ready to pounce. Dianetics has never saved anybody's life.
Don't expect me to be impressed that there were 700 odd gullibles in a happy-clappy mood at the Scientology conference in London --- that doesn't prove anything except that people of like mind flock together. Much larger and happier crowds attended when Hitler spoke at Nuremberg --- that doesn't demonstrate that anything he said was wise, sensible or useful It's irrelevant. People who were unhappy with Scientology or felt unhappy with it, would be rather unlikely to be sitting in the audience, would they ?
And what a marvellous cop-out --- "Dianetics and Scientology only works for the honest and the able" --- so if you are brainwahsed into beileving that it works, well, you're honest and able. And if we see through the twaddle, then we are ( by your definition ) not wise nor able. We righyl criticise orthodox doctors when they always blame the patient when the treatment doesn't work, how sad to find that you do exactly the same thing.
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