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21 Jul 2006

torture - cant get over it
Hey CS,
I have been crying the whole day about the mouse that was set on fire by those kids. Just can't's been a really down week anyway..and now this is just kind of stuck in my mind. I don't want to live in a world where children do that and laugh about it. And even film it so they can see it over and over
I work as a wildlife rehabber, so know that mice are low on the food chain. And very often, we have to feed mice to young predators, and have to kill them just before feeding so they are still warm. But we do it quickly, by breaking their necks in a certain way, which is instantaneous, and those of us who do it, many people choose not to, always pray with the mouse first..not that the mouse appreciates it, but it is done with respect and dignity.
And quite a few of the cases that are brought to us involve wanton cruelty. School children playing rugby with a dikkop - had to be euthanased, with both wings and legs shattered. construction workers playing basketball with a plover - after deliberately breaking its wings so it couldn't get away..Birds and animals that are stoned or shot with pellet guns or darts.
I've been battling with dead or dying animals all year, I am haunted by some of the ones that die no matter what we do for them. And I keep on committing the rehabber's cardinal sin...becoming too emotionally involved with some of our cases, and then feeling like I have failed when we can't help them enough.
But this one has really hit me ....what sort of upbringing have those kids had that would allow them to even think of torturing an animal, never mind going and buying it for that purpose. What sort of world is it going to be when it is managed by people like that.
There's this one place where I intend going if/when it gets to the end, a nice peaceful out of the way spot, where I can do the deed without interrupion. Went today and just sat there for a while crying. Doesn't help...I can still envisage that mouse in flames...
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01 Jan 0001

Hi j-cat,
Yes, that was a horrible and despicable act by these young savages. But don't allow yourself to become so deeply affected that you cry all day --- that doesn't help this mouse or any others. There have always been savagely cruel children, and, sadly, probably always will be. IN earlier days they'd do such things in private, and didn't have foolish parents wasting money giving them lavish cell-phones with a needless video capacity to record their filthy behaviour, so maybe more such acts were not discovered.
I hope the parents and the system do wake up over this. Such behaviour among children, specifically cruelty towards animals, is a very reliable pointer towards an Antisocial Personality Disorder, and someone who as they grow up will remain psychopathic and cruel in their behaviour towards others. So these loathsome kids will need to be closely watched for the future.
You can be propud of the very good work you do in rehab. Work with a counsellor, perhaps, to avoid becoming too emotionally involved --- simply because doing so is unpleasant for you and unhelpful to the creatures that need you.
And don't plan to "do the deed" at all. People need you, and the creatures need you. Who else will pray for the mice ?
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