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30 Jul 2010

Weird Husband
Morning Doc
My husband is a bit of a weirdo. Maybe I am the weirdo, But here goes.
Ok, we can have a small argument than he takes it to a whole new level. He can stay CROSS for days on end and when he is cross with me, he is automatically cross with the children, food, dogs. I must always start talking to him. We can be happy today, tomorrow his lips will hang. If we had an argument, we never discuss the problem, coz he feels HE DOEN''T want to talk about it. If he must do chores in the house, he looks cross, when I ask him, he will say there''s nothing wrong, he is fine. It would appear that he wants sex every night, Doc believe it or not, he is 99% cross because of sex. I am tired, diabetic, working just as hard as him, cooking and all. So most the nights I am too tired. He will be cross for that for days on end. In fact he is more like a naughty teenager most of the time. He feels he doesn''t NEED no one in this world. When we down and out, when we have nothing, we borrow money from people and all, as soon as we got paid maybe or we ok, he has an attitude and under no circumstances can we help anyone. He is using people, but when the same people need us. WELL NO!!!! He can come in the house,regardless what we watch on TV,just take the remote and change the channel. He doesn''t even have a way to talk to the children. When he looses his cool, he will hit the poor baby so hard, or even swear at her. No man, this man is really weird and I feel sorry for him, coz it would appear that he was brought up with that attitude. Don''t talk nice to people, be rude in stead....HE WILL NOT HUMBLE HIMSELF IN FRONT OF NO ONE, not even me. He will never ever apologize to me, to no one. If he was wrong, he prefer to stay cross, in stead of apologizing. Well most of the time he''s convinced he wasn''t wrong and I am unnecessary. His mother was a real “ hooligan”  and his father walked out of them when he was still very small. Believe me I talked about this a million times. He even agreed once that it''s true what I am saying. But that''s now his life. Happy for 2 days, unhappy for 5 days. I really love him and don''t want to live like this with a man that is unhappy 70% of the time. Even at work, he can really blow things out of proportion. Being rude that is. I am really a very humble person and we clash a lot coz he feels I let people walk all over me, it''s not people walking over me, it''s me having respect for EVERYONE, even the beggar in the street. Ag the list is endless and I will have to type the whole day.........Any suggestions.
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01 Jan 0001

He sounds inconsiderate and rather immature, and you sound a bit too humble ! If he would agree to see a mareiage counsellor with you, maybe things could improve to some extent. But otherwise, if his is how he has been all along ( and then one wonders why you chose to marry him ) and it suits him to be that way, he's really not likely to change
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