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04 Apr 2006

what do you do?
i was doing alot of drugs, every day, i have been clean for 5 months now. i get very very restless and dont know what to do with myself. i long so much for my old lifestyle. i miss the feeling of being on drugs. i feel so restless and bored with life now. i have also put on weight which depresses me. i now turn to food to comfort me, i eat and eat, and get more depressed. sometimes i want to pull out my hair or punch some one because i needs drugs so bad. how do i enjoy life again? how do i stop eating and eating? what do i do? my life is dull, i have no passion for anything. i cant sleep. i hate myself for eating so much. i miss my old life and my friends. how do you enjoy life after drugs?
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01 Jan 0001

Those 2 aspects are related, aren't they ? Feeling restless isn't so much an efect6 of no longer being on drugs, as a potential cause for being on drugs, so deal with that restlessness, and get active --- gym, hobbies, social activities NOT involving anyone you know who is still involved with drugs, charitable work --- whatever keeps you occupied. In time this will all settle down, including the eating which can come back into perspective ( and more exercise physically now, will help both aspects of the problem. You don't NEED drugs -- you WANT them. The difference is important. You've done very well to be clearn for 5 months, and you don't want to waste the benefits of all this effort. As mentioned, try Narcotics Anonymous or some similar support group.
There is so very much to enjoy in life without drugs, but you got out of the habit of doing so, when you were so wrapped up in the drugs and the drug scene.
Now, as for HomoeoPsych's earnest promotion of hypnosis, I have never criticised the responsible use of SELF-hypnosis / deep relexation methods, as a way for relaxing and promoting your own positive suggestions for healthy activities and responses. That's very different from going to a self-qualified "hypnotherapist" who implants his/her own suggestions into you, especially those who have no other technique with which to treat you, and who lack the full training to recognize any other aspects of your problems which might well need different treatment modalities.
Of course some dissociation promoting activities are part of many ancient rituals --- but so is cannibalism and human sacrifice, and we would hardly recommend those interventions on the grounds that they are ancient.
No psych textbook is a bible, and the Americans have been addicted to psychanalysis for decades, uncritically and often disasterously. So, if you wish a textbook to sell and be used in Depts of Psychiatry still dominated by psychoanalytic mastodons, you need to make a few polite comments about analysis. That is no substitute for proper evidence, of course.
Yes, CBT, including self-relaxation, would be likely to help.

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