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21 Jul 2008

When is the dosage right?
I am too poor to afford psychiatrists and psychologists and cannot afford to take the time off to spend up to 3 days at Helen Joseph hospital. So I rely on the kindness of my GP.. I have been on Lily-Fluoxetine, Zoloft, Xyloprim, Aropax and Paxel - with Zolpedim to sleep and Rivotril to combat anxiety for 7 years. I have survived two suicide attempts and spent 2 weeks in a state Hospital in Durban.

The high costs of medical aids are just beyond my reach.

We have juggled more combinations than Tom Cruise in "  -|- tail" .

My GP has taken me off Paxel and put me on Cymbalta (60mg/day), which at R600/mth is a huge strain on an already strained budget and I' ve had to cut out all entertainment, holidays and the little things that make life livable.

I still do not know if I am coping.

Moods fluctuate, I am furious all the time, viciously impatient, homicidal (just wanting to lash out), feel impotent. &  tho'  divorced and on very good terms with my ex, have grandfatherhood to look forward to, have a job (precarious though it is that pays pitifully) hold two degree, have massive achievements behind me, great children, an intimidating 160IQ, I see very little point to living, have not experienced joy in years, fiund company tedious, find faith futile, become bored very quickly ... and on and on and on.

I have tried everything from hypnotherapy to CBT to meditation to exercise and -|- tails of them all. There is probably some answer out there but beyond my meagre resources.

How would I know if I find the right combination and are there such things for people such as me?
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01 Jan 0001

I'd have tried Cilift ( a cheaper and effective generic drug siilar to CYmbalta ). And maybe it'd be worth taking the time off to see a shrink at the HJ, as it wouldn't necessarily take so long every time, especialyl to get repeat prescriptions. I'm surprised that CBT< if properly used, didn't work. There are solutions, even for people like you and me.
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