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23 Oct 2009

Why should it be this way?
Hello CS

Hope you' re well.

I have never cried so much snot and tears as I did last night but this situation has taken a toll on me and it' s all because of my bf' s job. It has become SO DAMN stressful. Every single night he works until 9 and sometimes 11 at night. At one Stage he worked 7 days a week from 6 in the morning til late at night again. His boss is a mad pyscho women. If you just look at her she wants to burst into tears. If something is not done right she will send out e-mails in big red writing bitching and moaning. How can anyone work like this. All of this has caused him to get prostatitus due to all the stress. He has even started to lose his hair. It' s thinning so much. He can' t take it anymore at this place. He says he can' t just leave. I asked him is it because I am in the picture. He could easily move back to his home town and live with his family. But we' re together. I don' t understand why we can' t do this together. He is not happy where is he, It is so unfair that he works such long hours while everyone gets to go home at a reasonable hour. I hardly know my bf anymore. We don' t live with each other so the only time I get to see him is on weekends and even then he' s on the phone working. I hate what this is doing to his health. Something is not right in the department he is working for in the company. There are some people there who still have to get shown how to copy and paste something. It' s as though everyone there needs to be spoonfed. I really hate what this is doing to us but mostly hi,. I want him to leave that place. Even the HR department are useless. If only things could get sorted out or even hire someone else to share the workload things could run smoothly. I don' t get how things are run in that place. It' s so pathetic. Why are the others seeing this?

I' m so angry. I know how it' s going to turn out. I' m going to lose him when it really shouldn' t be like this. What has happened to common sense.

His boss is pathetic. Why are their work ethics like this.

I' m sorry CS I am not making sense at all here. I' m so angry and hurt at the same time. I hate this woman already.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Red,
Sounds like his greedy and incompetent boss urgently needs to be in therapy, and is not fit to be running a bath, let alone a company. Maybe he should consul the Dept of Labour, because no employer is entitled to impose working hours and conditions like this. And if the Dept of Labour becomes interested, maybe the incompetent HR department might wake up.
Are there other employees she treats better ? Are there any possibilities of him getting a different job with a more reasonable employer ? She, presumably, would find it hard to find anyone else prepared to put up with her.
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