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17 Feb 2004

He Doc

I am 21 and have been working for a company for 9 months , the problem is that from 8 to 12 i was working for one company doing reasearch in the same building then for 12 to i was working for the other company, now the company i was working for in the afternoons was really a great job and they pushed me to learn how there systems work and to start training suppliers and stuff i was given goals and targets to reach , and in the nine months that i was there i really loved my job , but then the other company moved in a floor below us and insisted i work full time for them, i couldnt do that coz i had alot of responciblites for the other company and a big meeting was held and i was called in and told to go downstairs permently coz my boss felt she never had enough work for me to do she felt my job upstairs was only a half day thing and that there wasnt enough productively for me to stay there a full day, which really destroyed me reason being i had put so much effort in to the work i done upstair and went home and learnt the tr aining i had to start teaching people, i was basically a supplier specalist in adopting graphics stuff, and now i have been forced to go and do telly sales which really upsets me and makes me feel like i was degraded and that i was used and all this time i was working for the company in the afternoon they never paid me the company that paid me was the company i did research for .

I dont know what to do i am really emotional and dont enjoy getting up and comign to work i mean i spend like R1000 on petrol and i am looking for another job , but what should i do i mean if the company that i was working for upstairs hire someone else i could go to CCMA right reason being i am still int the same building and i was doing that job.

I am not happy with what i am doing now telly sales, i mean i have a degree in Prestige computers and Graphics and now i am doing telly sales and wasteing my time doing that , and i cant leave coz i need the income so all i am doing is makeing my self misrable and looking for one closer to home, is this right in what happend to me can they do this after all i did for them i always came to work and achieved so much now i have nothing not even a desk .
HELP NEED LIKE GOOD ADVICE !!! coz i was screwed over
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Boardom,
OK, first of all, you have a job, and many other folks, also good and intelligent folks, don't. So you need to hold on to what you have, until you can find something better. I don't quite understand the relationships between the upstairs / downstairs companies --- presumably the upstairs folks could ( and should ) both give you an excellent reference, and should be able to tell you about other companies in their field, where you could look for a fulltime job in the work you have now found much more satisfying. One good thing to have come out of this already, is that you now have a much clear3er idea of the sort of work you enjoy doing, and thus, of what to look for.
From the sound of it, maybe you were indeed screwed over --- you'd be surprised how many of us have been screwed by employers, sometimes by several. It happens. But be persistent and not disheartened, and you ought in time to be able to find what you want and need. Meanwhile, continue to polish up and extend your extra skills, maybe do some extra courses & training in the evenings or weekends, to extend your desirability as an employee. And in time you'll find an employer who deserves you, and appreciates you.
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