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14 Jul 2010

work issues: i feel like im being used
my manager told me this morning that she is stepping down from her role as HR Manager and im a going to be acting HR Manager until they appoint a person for the position. however, nothing was mentioned if i will get an allowance or not

im not sure how to handle this and i feel that im just being stretched too much. i am a hr practitoner with 4yrs experience and i love my job, work hard and goes an extra mile to ensure that i give the best hr service.

for the past 6 months i did 2 peoples job becos were still recruiting for another hr prac and i was not given a cent for this. and 2 years ago i also, i did double roles becos another division of ours did not have a practitioner and at the time I helped out for 8 months and was not given a cent, but just a thank you and a pat on the shoulder.

so, tomorrow we are going to meet with manager and i want explain my side of the story and share my feelings. i am not interested in this acting role and im gonna decline it. even if it can be a good learning curve but i feel that its just being dumped on me and i dont want to set myself for failure. currently its a huge struggle for me becos the big boss and some line managers do not want to adhere to hr rules and procedures/process. they have no respect at all for processes. so as Hr practitioner i spend time convincing them to adhere to process and some line managers think hr is a waste of time and hr ppl are incompetent.
so, i will suggest to manager that we need to get a temp HRM while we are waiting for new HRM. will i be wrong to suggest this or how can I tackle it? its really things like this that will make me leave this company.

this is causing so much stress for me and i will welcome all suggestions.
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01 Jan 0001

Hmm - your first major HR problem in your new post - and its your own ! Can't you approach her as former HR manager to ask for answers to your very reasonable questions ? With your experience of being expected to do more than one job without extra pay, it's very fair for you to ask these questions, and for them to answer them.
When you mention how big bosses are reluctant to follow proper HR lines, I wonder if this might be why the HR head i stepping down from that post ? Maybe you can politely raise the issue of managers no respectin HR procedures and their chronic reluctance to follow such guidelines, and suggest this problem needs to be dealt with before anyone could succeed as HR manager ?
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