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23 Jul 2005

worried about upcoming workshop
So I said I was going to this insight training centre workshop by myself this coming wednesday. I have some new info that has made me nervous I should've told you about last time. Here we go...

The workshop is run by Dr. Banai, it involves the teaching of cellular learning and decellular learning. He says that cognitive learning is not as good as cellular because cellular is retained better and cognitve is forgotten easily.
In the workshop, childhood regression is done, going all the way back to the primal scream.
Here's my problem...
My next door neighbour and friend has taken a lok at the brochure and I told her about the childhood regression and she says that I must not go on this workshop as it is dangerous. She is a psychiatric nurse and has been working for years and she had a 37 year old lady walking into TARA sucking her thumbs and acting like a baby because her psychologist did childhood regression with her. My neighbour says that I haven't got a strong enough personality yet to do this and it is dangerous expecially for me, as I don't where I'm going and am not grounded enough yet.

The workshop costs R2500 and is five days in a row. It is from 7pm till 3am which is times that make a person exhausted and most vulnerable to suggestion. My neighbour says that workshops like these can sometimes be brainwashing and charlatan work...
Looking at the times that people are supposed to go, it seems like something you would call quackery. I don't want to waste R2500.
I am seeing a psychiatrist at the moment and am on cipramil and risperdal...

Yes, Dr Banai was in the Israeli special forces with masters in psychology and GP. I think he's Jewish too.

I'm going to ask my psychiatrist about this too before I go but I'd also like to know what you think about this workshop. Should I not go, is it dangerous? Thanks for help.
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01 Jan 0001

Hello Matthew,
Reminders of the fees charged to attend some peopl's workshops / lectures, make me feel decidedly underpaid !
share your concerns. There is absolutely an definitively NO such thing as "cellular learning" or "decellular learning". If anyone who is a genuine scientist makes a discovery, such as seems to be being claimed here, they do NO promptly start travelling the world giving expensive seminars announcing their theory as a fact --- they do proper research to prove that they are right, and try to get it published in major scientific journals ( which requires that their work gets closely scrutinized by fellow experts to see if it is credible and sound. When anyone announces so definitely, as if they were fact, new types of learning or therapy, an I haven't seen a trace of research proving their claims, in the proper scientific journals, I am concerned.
And both Childhood regression and primal Scream "therapies" have long ago been abandoned by the scientific and professional psychiatric / psychological communities as quack nonsense, with no evidence that they benefit anyone, and disquieting stories of damage done to some who have dabbled in them. Both practices are based on wholly quack theories which have never been established to be true. I have never seen evidence that either of these procedures have EVER benefitted anyone in any definable way, and your neighbour is right that they certainly can be harmful.
I wonder, if this Dr Banai plans to actually PRACTICE these highly dubious methods on people coming to such seminars, if he is fully registered with the SA Medical Council / Health Professions Council and legally allowed to practice in this country ? If not, he could land in significant legal problems. Of course if he merely intends to TALK about these and other topics, this would not be a problem.
I really like your neighbour ! Yes, absolutely, any workshop that runs for so long and such lengthy sessions, becomes unpleasantly close to brainwashing, and would be intended to make participants more suggestible and less critical, and thus easier able to accept and believe in whatever garbage might be being peddled to them.
I would strongly advise not only you, but ANYONE, to flatly refuse to ever engage in Primal Scream or Regression "therapies", as these are risky and unproven nonsenses.
I would certainly agree with your very sensible neighbour that you should not go to this performance. R 2500 can buy a lot of genuine shrinkery and effective treatment. I wouldn't attend such a workship or seminar if they paid ME R 2500 to attend !
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