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05 Jan 2005

worried, angry,sad and everything!!!!11
Hi to all of you on this site and to the doc, welcome to the year 2005 again, hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, i've just come back to work from my holidays but uhhhh i did not enjoy even a single day of it. here's my stroy!!!!!!!!

when i close at work work to go for my holidays hubby fetched me to his place and we spent christmas at his place since i was worried he would spend it alone but we managed to be together although each and every couple has its ups and downs but we managed to control ourselves we went out while he was off . then he hda to be on leave too then we went to his parents where we temporary stay but before we go there we had a little arfgument about something of which i can't mention here, then mind u it was the newyears eve when we go there , then we did not talk the whole night coz he came to bed late, then in the morning i decided to leave then his mother inlaw said i must stay since my hubby does not want me to leave,then threre was a tention between me and hubby, we were not talking to each other when i prepare food he did not want to eat, i really did not enjoy myself coz his mother told my sisters in law about theme and hubby that i was wrong by wanting to leave, i even found mothre in law gossiping about me with my sisters in law i really felt bad and i felt as if i can just leave but his mother pretend as if she wanted me toi stay, when i'm in the kitchen preparing food they would saty outside and talk about me, i could see from the face that they talked bad about me, i really am not enjoying my self right now,

i told my hubby several times about his mother and sister in law that they talk bad about me, but he does not suppport me instead he side with them and he listen too much to what his mother tells him, i told him that we must move and get our own house he does not seem to like the idea and i once told him that it's not good that i stay with his family but he says i hate his family of which i don't hate them.

i really don't like the idea of staying with them as they already take me as a bad person and his mother is a good pretender.

please ladies if you were once in this situation help and to Doc i need your input, there's soo much i can say but for now thta's my story.!!!!!!!1
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01 Jan 0001

Hi zoleka,
Surprised some of our other readers haven't climbed in here ! Yes, frustrating and annoying. ASctually, I think the "happy holidays" is largely a myth, and that kost families, because they spend more time closer together, at a hot and uncomfortable time of year, actually have more friction and anger / unhappiness than through the rest of the year. Generally, fortunately, it sorts itself out when we all get back to work and our usual lives.
Good boys listen to what their mother says, even if she is pretending --- in time, your boy will listen to you, even when maybe at times he shouldn't ! Actually, because you are obviously a good person, I doubt that his family / mother actually dislike you or think badly of you. They may not find it easy to find the most comfortable way to fit you into their family, but with time and good will on both sides, this can be worked out.
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