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02 Dec 2004

y do i have to put in a subject?
Hi doc,

today is national hang ova day and am the only one knowin bout it....

how u's doin?

wrote a tech exam this morn and didn't do very well, i know u thinkin hang ova but I did do a degree of prep and guess it was jsut a tough one...

nice write up on apprentice...

been thinkin bout a way out for the genius and found one... it's called gamblin/forex... so far so good but it would be great to sit at home and do the thing ... so am doing some research there... will let u know how it pans out but so far am up 1400 dollars in two days... made a few mistakes here and there learnin the product but even as mad as they were seemed to recover somewhat... guess it's also a matter of controlling ones greed... notice how as humans we all have the same stuff happenin inside just to different degrees...

so I went to gym the other night and saw a nice young lady…. Seen her at a few diff gyms and was right next to her to talk and I really wanted to but couldn’t open my mouth and just concentrated on the triceps… anyway a geeza bit off more than he could chew and sorta got stuck with weights and it was quit funny and we exchanged looks and I started laughin a bit which she enjoyed and think there was supposed to b some communication after that… an intervention of fate if u will to lend a helping hand… but I got back into the weights and then left… I reckon that after a hectic relationship one needs to weed out ones garden of the soul… can’t grow any new flowers in there without getting rid of the weeds huh???

Max wants to know who the CS dude is, he is becoming very manipulative and snuggles up to me, pretends to be all lovin and then makes a dive for my coffee or whatever I am eatin… think he may have learnt this from hell but it’s nasty play… also he gets really excited when folks come over to visit and can leave up to 20 metre trail of pee at any given time….

Hope u cool, speak soon…

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01 Jan 0001

Well, dude, Happy National Hangover Day ! Maybe they didn't tell you, but this is also National Put in a Subject Decade, and we're trying to do our bit ! Actually, it's because without a title, it's hard for anyone to remember which message is which, and for readers to know which ones they might want to read and which ones they might want to ignore !
You know, there is an interesting phenomenon discovered in psych research ( I wonder how they came to check this up ? ) called State Dependent Learning. What it means is that it seems that whatever you learn when studying, or in life, if it is learned by your brain when under the influence of a relevant chemical ( like alcohol, weed, or whatever ) ; tend to be only well remembered again when the brain is in a similar state. So if one smokes or drinks while studying and not during the exam, one could experience some significant fallout in what one can remember, even if one studied earnestly.
This may also be why drunks do silly things but don't remember them until they're drunk again, bu which time it's too late, and so they get drunker to try to forget it.
Interesting line you're tying -- wasn't that exactly what former ( nor former ? ) banker Nick Leesen was doing at work, and suddenly found he'd lost a couple of billion, which broke the ancient bank he was working for ?
Bit as you say, a key element is to control one's greed --- and to recognize when one has lost modestly and to give up in time. I gather that research finds that most fortunes lost, on the stockmarket or wherever in finances, is because people are so reluctant to believe that they have made the wrong decision or choice, and insist on holding on to a lousy stock, insisting that it HAS to come up again. Some, like Enron, NEVER rise again, and only a few rise, usually far too late for anyone who initially held much of them.
Good luck, too, with your wise weeding project.
Max is really talented, isn't he ? Our cat is very interested in everything we eat or drink --- it's like going through customs, to get past her. She always looks deeply disappointed when a sniff reveals its only a cup of coffee. I wonder what it is that she so obviously suspecvts that we keep drinkiong which she assumes she would adore, only to end up, almost audibly, thinking "Shyte, only that darn coffee again !"
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