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24 Feb 2004

Cat problems

Recently my cat started having problems with doing her "toilet" outside (she never had this problem) and she uses my room as a "toilet". We moved about a month ago to a new townhouse and she only had an "accident" in the first week, but this past week or so she has done her "thing" in my room on the carpet, more or less on the same spot, everyday. Just before we moved we got two little puppies as well but she plays with them and it doesn't look if they bother her at all. At the new place there are other cats that pop in occasionaly and then she goes crazy hissing at them etc. Also the people who owned the townhouse before us decided to make my room a "creche" for their dogs and puppies and what ever else and we are really battling to get rid of the smell to the extend that we are putting a new carpet in my room.

I really want to get a solution to my cat's problem because if this continues I am going to be forced to give her away. Cat "poo" is not a fragrance I want to be surrounded with every morning and night especially when we are putting new carpets.

I hope you can help me...

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01 Jan 0001

Hi Joe
It is likely that your cat is stressed by another cat or cats invading her territory. One may even be marking its territory or even be the culprit of the cat poo. I presume your cat is spayed, but if not then I suggest it as soon as possible as she will definitely attract other cats if not. Keep other cats out of your home by keeping your cat in (with a cat litter tray), especially at night, or you can investigate getting a special catflap which has a magnetic collar that your cat wears, so that only she can open the flap. If you see strange cats around your garden or house deter them by spraying them with a water pistol or hose. Check her out at the vet just in case, but if she is physically fine and other cats are not coming in, then the only other possible cause is that she is stressed and is showing this in the only way she knows how - a message for you, or your spouse, that she is annoyed - perhaps because the puppies are bullying her or getting more attention than she is! The puppies may also be interrupting her toileting behaviour outside so perhaps enclose a sandy area of the garden with low fencing to prevent the puppies getting to her while she does her thing. I suggest you wait until she has stopped this behaviour before you get new carpets. In the meantime clean up with water, sunlight liquid and something like Pet Odour Killer or Sannitree or Febreeze to remove the odour. Perhaps put some newspaper, or her litter tray, over the spot so the carpet does not retain the smell each time. Don't use strong-smelling substances like ammonia or Handy Andy as this may stress her out more if she thinks another cat has marked over her spot.
Karen Gray-Kilfoil
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