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28 Jul 2006

I need to lose weight, at least for my matric dance and matric holiday.
I have a relatively fast metabolism, and the only reason that I am overweight is because I ate excessively during a bingeing period following an eating disorder of four years.
This implies that I should focus on eating healthier and not necessarily very little. This means that I won't gain weight from eating, say 10 apples a day on top of other meals because of the fructose as many other people do. But of course having eaten 10 chocolate bars a day obviously had an effect!
I have a very sweet tooth and love all dairy products, which used to be my downfall, but have however strategised a new diet which serves this purpose and still provides the necessary results. Only thing is I'm not too sure whether it's very healthy, as you will see I rely a great deal on artificial sweeeteners and am concerned that it might have a negative effect? I used to follow the Atkins diet, however I felt very unhealthy doing so, my kidneys didn't function properly, I craved sweet things and didn't have any energy, I also gained a lot of weight after giving it up. This is what I consume however:
2-3 Bowls of All-bran flakes / High-fibre bran with Canderel and fat-free milk throughout the day
As many apples as I would like throughout the day
As many containers of artificial sweetened, fat-free yoghurt as I would like throughout the day
As many mugs of fat-free milk with Canderel and cocoa powder as I would like throughout the day
6 almonds every three hours
A cooked dinner comprised only of protein, vegetables and salad
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Not Sure
I think that you need to go back to a dietitian (I presume you did consult a dietitian when you were bulimic?) and have her/him work out a proper balanced diet for you so that you can lose weight, not fall into eating disorder traps again and look stunning for your matric dance. The diet you propose to eat is not balanced, and I am not sure that it will lead to weight loss, which could prompt you to return to your bulimia. Please see a dietitian because you need assistance with eating normally. If you don't have the contact details of a dietitian then visit the Association for Dietetics in SA Website at: and click on Private Practising to find a dietitian in your area.
Take care
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