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30 Jun 2010

Energy in diet
Hi there, my BMI is 23.5, weight is 54kg. I have started a new healthy lifestyle, I have quit smoking. All is going well so far (been 4 days). My body fat % is 37.7, my cholesterol is 7.7. I am a single mom that does all the DIY at home, and keeps the house clean. This is over weekends. It is during the week that by the time I get home, I am exhausted from work, traffic, stress and worries that I promise myself I will do exercise. As soon as my child and pets are fed, homework done, bathed etc. I switch on the TV and don''''t move. I say to myself "  after this program I will switch off and do exercise"  . I never do for 4 reasons:-
1. to lazy and fat (can''''t stand my fat bouncing up and down) 2. Exhausted mentally 3. FIFA and the main reason is ... 4. I don''''t know what exercises to do. I don''''t have money for gym, what can I do at home that is easy at first? Please tell me because I can''''t stand my body. (I can lose 4kg if I have a breast reduction and tummy tuck (these are the main problem areas, I have a pot belly and DD breast and am 1.53m tall). What can I add to my diet that will give me energy?
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Energy in Diet
Firstly you need to start liking yourself more! You are an amazing person to be able to do so many things in one day. No wonder you feel exhausted when you finally have 5 minutes for yourself. I am glad that you have quit smoking because this will immediately improve your fitness and make any type of exercise easier and less stressful. Your BMI is actually 23,1 which is nicely within the normal range and even close to the ideal of 22, so you are NOT fat. The fact that you do seem to have large breasts is something that you either have to accept and be proud of - there are thousands of flat chested women who would give their eye teeth to wear a large bra cup size!, or save up to have them reduced if their size makes you look out of proportion because you are relatively small. You do not have to join a gym and waste money and time on rushing backwards and forwards for your exercise. Buy a skipping rope (very cheap) and start skipping when you watch TV. Start off with 5 min a day at a slow pace and gradually increase how long and fast you skip until you reach 30 min a day. Do NOT push yourself until you are exhausted because then you will stop exercising which is counterproductive. You can also lie on the floor next to the TV and do sit-ups, just remember to keep your knees bent so that you don't strain your back. sit-ups help for the tummy. Also start with about 10 a day and gradually increase the number of sit-ups you do as you get fitter and more energetic. The stopping smoking and the skipping will improve your energy levels.
Above all start loving yourself and what you achieve every day.
Best regards
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