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22 Mar 2003

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Dear Diet Doc

Please help me,
I have never been over weight (overweightness doesnt run in the family either) and i am not at the moment, i just dont want to be!!!
I do a sport that requires one to be extremely skinny and so i am under great pressure to be thin. ( or should i say thinner than normal) last year i went through a stage were i didnt eat, i was trying to lose weight. and i did huge amounts but my parents and friends were wrorried and angry with me and my parents made me eat properly. I have now gained all the weight that i did loose. ( i am now the right weihgt for my height and not overweight)

now that that is finished and i am eating i have one problem i cant stop. i know what is healthy for me and what is not but i just cant stop eating- thats all i want to do and its all i think about.
i am obsessed. I want to go on a good diet just so that i can loose a few kilos but i dont want to tell my mom because i know she wont be supportive because of what happend last year.

Do you have any good advise for all abouve??

Thank you
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01 Jan 0001

Dear S
Because you don't mention your height in metres and weight in kg, I can't work out what your BMI is to judge if you are overweight, underweight or what. Click on 'Diet' and 'Tools' and work out your BMI which should be between 18 and 25 for normal weight. If you are below 18, then PLEASE don't go on any diet to lose more weight. I am really worried that you are going to develop an Eating Disorder - esp bulimia, if you can't stop eating and also insist on losing weight. You have already had one brush with anorexia last year when you did not eat, so be very careful. I am totally opposed to sports that insist on athletes being anorexically thin, esp if you are young and still growing. I would advise you to consult a clinical psychologist (ask your gp to refer you) because you may have an underlying problem (anxiety, desire for acceptance, guilt feelings, tendency to overachieve, etc) which is triggering both the overeating and the urge to be super-slim. It is important to get this kind of problem sorted out before it destroys your life. I think your parents will support you if you tell them that you need help from a clinical psychologist as there is some underlying problem that makes you want to eat nonstop. Also click on 'View old Diet & Food site' and read the articles on 'Balanced Diet I-IV' to get more info about what you should be eating.
Take great care
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