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07 Apr 2006

if i dont eat i gain weight, if i eat i gain weight and i exercise
i really think there is somthing wrong with me.
i am 1.75 tall white female. i weigh at this moment 70KGs which goes up and back down from 73KGs - i lost alot of weigh over december - went to 66ks, by taking leanor and not eating more than once a day. Now due to knowing damage to body i have been trying a new approce. i eat 1x oats easy for breakfast, Lunch i have 4 square crakers, with thin slices of ham, cheese and Tomato, Dinner i usually have small helpings of meat and veggies, or fish etc.. i also drink diet drinks or just water. i exercise 3x a week - i run 40mins on tuesday, wednesday i run 20mins and do leg exersices and thursday i do 30mins running and streaching - yet i now weigh 70kgs and a week ago i weiged 67kgs. My weight goes up and down, i feel if i eat 3x small meals a day i gain weight, if i eat 1 meal a day i know i'm hurting my body and i starve. i dont vomit food, i dont take diet pills any more - on weekends we eat out alot, but i usually eat fish or low fat content food and i dont drink much during weekend night. i also realy eat sweets or chocolate
i'm 21 years old and was a top swimmer at school, which i left at age 16, why am i struggling so much with my weight? it really makes me so depressed as i hold my self very well, by always holding in my tummy and wearing flattering outfits, but when naked or in a bikini - i'm fat and disgusting. the problem areas are from my knees up to my belly button - ankels and arms and face are thin. i want to be 65kgs as that is a good weight for me. but have no idea what to do to get there other than lose weight by exercising like made and not eating anything other than fruit and boliled fish, which i know is not normal. Friend say i'm not fat at all, my boyfriend says i am chubby and eat to much for a girl, and my weight is like a yo yo. my mom says i'm fat....i feel i always have to pull my jeans/pants over my bottowm tummy to feel comfortable - cant stand having a fat tummy stick out. i also work at a desk 5 days a week 9 hours a day. I am sure i have an eating disorder, but its not just mentally it is also my body type. i'm on nordette contraceptive pill been on for 5 years now - could this be my reason for struggling with weight going up and down?
please give me some advise
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Kezblonde
You do realise that your boyfriend and your mother are busy driving you into an eating disorder? Your present BMI when you weigh 70 kg is 22,5 which is ideal for your weight, so you are NOT fat, NOT chubby, NOT disgusting, don't eat too much for a girl - what nonsense. If your tummy needs some attention then start doing tummy tightening exercises like sit-ups and pelvic thrusts, but stop letting these people who are supposed to love you, manipulate you in this way - it's downright cruel. I would like to suggest that you see a clinical psychologist to help you sort out your emotional life, so that you can build up the confidence to be able to say to anyone who criticises your body: "That's your problem not mine, I'm happy with the way I look and if you don't like it, get lost." You can also use a low-fat diet (click on 'Diet' at the top of this page, 'Weight loss' , ‘The right approach' and then on 'Slimming Diet' for a copy of such a diet) to keep your weight more constant and combine it with your exercise. I think that your fluctuations in weight are due to water retention which could be caused by using the pill and/or stress thanks to those people who do you down all the time.
Get independent by seeking help from a psychologist ASAP
Best regards
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