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15 Feb 2004

Prudent Diet causes heart attacks
Dear DietDoc

I find it interesting that you (and most professionals) recommend the "Prudent Diet" in the face of the evidence.

All of the controlled, scientific tests to determine the efficacy of the prudent diet have shown exactly the opposite - that a diet HIGH in saturated fats leads to LESS deaths from myocardial infarctions than a diet high in polyunsaturated fats.

MI deaths have increased in direct proportion to the increase in polyunsaturated oils in our diet. In fact, processed oils (without the natural anti-oxidants) have been shown to be cardiotoxic.

Don't you think that heart attacks should be becoming LESS prevalent as more and more people adopt the Prudent Dietary Principles?

So, do you think we should stick to the "Prudent Diet"? It seems to be working well. More drugs for cholesterol reduction, blood pressure and blood thinning are being sold than ever before. That would appear to be the agenda of the "Healthcare" Industry, in which case it is obviously a very successful strategy.

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01 Jan 0001

Dear Nutrition Nut
I beg to disagree. The most persuasive body of evidence supporting the Prudent Diet with its emphasis on a low fat intake and a high dietary fibre and protective nutrient intake is provided by a) populations that eat a 'primitive' diet - based on unrefined cereals, roots, nuts, fermented milk, lean meat, fish, eggs and small amounts of fat b) individuals who actually stick to the Prudent Diet - not just pay lip service to it and still eat large quantities of saturated fat and fast foods. The former group have a negligible incidence of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other degenerative diseases, and the second group can achieve remarkable improvements in blood lipid levels and risk of degenerative diseases. This debate has been raging for years. The reason why the incidence of heart attacks does not decrease, is that most individuals eating a western diet may hear the message of the Prudent diet, but they certainly don't react to it. They consume too much energy, too much total fat, saturated fat, trans-fatty acids and cholesterol and too little fibre and protective nutrients, including bioflavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids and don't exercise enough.
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