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22 Nov 2004

Soda Water for toddlers

1. Can i give my 15 month old (13.5 kg) soda water with her fruit juice as i still believe in diluting her fruit juice (as you can see she is a healthy weight and i do try to keep it that way). I noticed she wants to drink our Tab and Coke Lite and we would hate for her to become addicted to it, just want to check if soda water is ok, or does it have too much salt?

2. What about bottled (still/sparkling/flavoured) for the 15 month old? I believe this contains too much salt? True / False. I need advice on what to give her to drink besides her milk and black rooibos.

3. Is there any "criteria" one needs to be able to get a script for xenical, i.e. must you have an enormous amount of weight to loose before the dr prescribes it? Is it true that xenical will up your appetite? I saw your article on metabolic syndrome but these questions were not answered hence my asking them. I only have 10 kg to loose and about 8 of it is in the stomach (post birth 15 months later and had a boep before too, hereditary distribution of fat in that area!) the other 2 kg are probably distributed in my arm and upper body as my lower lower body is perfect, skinny thighs , nice legs etc. I am really desperate to loose the stomach fat fast and believe that a short course of xenical will assist in pushing my motivation to life a healthy life forward. I am also exercising and using your diet, could i then still use xenical if Dr prescribes it? Thank you.
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Marie
You can give you lassie soda water (it does not contain any salt, just carbon dioxide which produces the bubbles) and flavoured water if you read the labels (avoid those that have a high sodium content - the other minerals should not be harmful).
Xenical is usually prescribed for individuals who have large amounts of weight to lose (20 or more kg), but there is no reason why you cannot ask you dr to prescribe this product for you if it will help you to lose 10 kg. No, it won't increase your appetite, it just prevents you from absorbing any fat from the food you eat. The problem about losing weight in specific areas like the tummy are that these female 'fat depots' are usually determined by gender and genetics. If you are at a gym, ask the instructor to include exercises that target the problem areas to tighten and firm up those tummy muscles.
Best regards
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