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29 Jan 2004

Don't mistake what I am about to say for anything less than cold hard fact. There was a time when weight gain was directly linked to calorie intake by mainstream science. This short-sighted viewpoint resulted from loads of data, very little understanding. What happened? Low fat mania, which is only fading (sensibly) recently, and dieting. DIETING IN OUR INDUSTRIALISED SOCIETY IS THE SINGLE WORST THING YOU CAN DO TO YOUR BODY!!!. The food we eat is already so devitalised, so processed, such an assault on our bodies reserves, that restricting food only decreases the already meagre supply of natural vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, trace elements, and enzymes etc we take in. Do the math, you cannot go on like this. Your nutrient starved bodies will desperately hold on to all that weight, and you can be obese YET STILL STARVING. Wake up. Ditch the fries, soda, added sugar(suicide on a spoon), boxed cereals (ALL OF THEM WITHOUT EXCEPTION), pasteurised milk and yoghurts, biscuits, and switch to the foods we evolved to eat over 60 MILLION YEARS –raw fruit and veg, a little animal protein, nearly anything out of the soil. Don’t make a mockery of biology, do you think we understand nutrition? Take a look at the lard farm that surrounds you next time you go to the mall. And it’s not enough to just be thin, you need to feel alive, invigorated, rejuvenated every morning you wake up. Eating out of plastic containers, boxes and tins won’t do that for you! How about some exercise?
Wake up, those of you who understand exactly what I’m talking about. Chances are you are already behind with a pancreas that is wearing out as we speak do to enzyme and insulin issues. Your intestines (specifically your colon) are probably sub optimal. You need to start off in turbo mode - YOU NEED CONCENTRATED NUTRIENTS DAILY, more than a healthy person actually needs, in addition to making a change to a natural diet. In the beginning you juiced vegetables every day, get carrots, beets, berries, whatever and juice them or get them from a freshly squeezed juice bar and vary them often, Add a little orange or apple to get it more palatable. You need wheat grass juice, coconut, avocado, nuts, blueberries and fruit (easy on the fruit juice, pick whole fruit) AND YOU NEED IT NOW, TODAY. It’s either that or fatigue syndromes, diabetes, blood pressure problems, candida, IBS, leaky gut, carbohydrate addictions, sleep disorders, weight gain, depression, Immune suppression (colds, flu), inflammation, joint problems and Allergies. IT’S NOT NORMAL TO GET ALLERGIES, DON”T LET THEM PLUG THEIR S2 CHEMICAL PRODUCT ON YOU, WE ARE ALLERGIC TO INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS NOT POLLEN AND CAT HAIR, THAT IS AN AUTO IMMUNE ISSUE – WAIT FOR IT, COMMERCIAL SCIENCE IN CATCHING UP. I havn't had cold or post nasal drip in 10 years. We have forgotten good health. Choose life, death is something that happens when we are old, not a process tha starts in our forties.
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01 Jan 0001

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