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03 Dec 2004

My dr diagnosed me with the start of an ulcer. My symptoms include, that constant hungry feeling, and terrible discomfort if I eat pineapple or similar acidic things. I do not get heartburn, except in exceptional cases.
He has also suggested that I have a spastic colon, because I constantly have complains about abdominal pain. I do not smoke, I am an absolute teetotaller, I do not eat spicy foods, I do not eat fatty foods. I stress.
The only treatment he has given me, for a trial period of two weeks, was Ranhexal tablets, after which I was to go for a follow up examination.After two weeks, I appear to have picked up some tummy bug, and have continued diarrhoea for the past few days, without cramping, but the continued "hungry" feeling. I mentioned my tablets were finished and should I continue the dose, but he said no. As to the diagnosis of my tummy bug, he said something probably aggravated my colon. Please help. I have decided to continue on my own with the Ranhexal tablets. Could you suggest anything else?
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Coll
You need to either go back to your dr or consult a specialist physician because you need to be treated with proton pump inhibitors and antacids, plus antibiotics if you have Helicobacter pylori infection for your ulcers. One of the prime causes of ulcers, is stress, so you need to find ways of dealing with stress that are more effective. I would suggest consulting a clinical psychologist who can teach you relaxing techniques and deep breathing exercises and help you come to terms with your stress. If you have an ulcer you can try eating 6 small meals a day, instead of 3 large ones: e.g. Breakfast fruit and cereal plus yoghurt and a beverage; teatime - wholewheat sandwich with cottage cheese or lean meat and a fruit, etc. Avoid all spicy and fatty foods, and all alcohol and gassy or caffeine-containing drinks (cola drinks) and cut down on coffee and tea. Some patients find that foods with an acid taste (oranges, lemons, pineapple, strawberries) and gas-producing foods (the cabbage family, raw onions and legumes) can also cause discomfort. This is an individual reaction, so it may help to keep a food diary and note down what foods cause YOU discomfort and then to avoid them. If you find it difficult to select a 6 meals-a day-diet, then do consult a clinical dietitian (check the List of Dietitians on this Website or phone 082-593-0276 or send an e-mail to or look in your local telephone directory or Yellow Pages, to find a dietitian in your area). I would actually recommend seeing a dietitian because you suffer from ulcers and also possibly with spastic colon and multiple pathology calls for an individual diet to be worked out for you.
Hope you feel better soon
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