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28 Jun 2010

Weight management
Hi Doc
I am a 30 year old mom of two. my problem is that i am not able to do excersise cause number one i am not motivated enough and dont want to join a gym and number two i don thave time as i work half day and as soon as i get home my 8 month old wants only me and is attached to my hip till he falls asleep. when he is sleeping all i want to do is sit with a magazine and have my coffe in peace which only lasts about 30-40mins until my baby wakes up. I am an emotional eater and overload on junk as in chocolates and my food and bread i wasnt born with thin genes so the slightest of binging puts lots of weight on stomach and bum. What i want to ask is what can i do to lose my weight (especially my tummy)
and how can i control my food intake and how can i get over eating chocolates (they are my weakness). please help i am so confused and unmotivated and unhappy i dont know where to start.
I read all the health magazines but they confuse me cos one month its this and next month its that.
i will appreciate any info that can lead me in the right direction.

I would appreciate any info that can lead me in the right direction.
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Eve
I hear what you are saying and can understand that you are feeling desperate and also depressed. You don't have 10 minutes to yourself -that is enough to make anyone reach for comfort food! My advice is as follows: a) Ask someone to help you. You don't mention if you are married? If so, get your husband to help with the 8 month-old, so that you at least have a bit of time for yourself, esp on weekends. b) Reduce your chocolate intake by eating 1 square less every 2-3 days to wean yourself of the habit - take your time until you are down to 1 square 2 x a week (this will be your treat). c) Start eating a low-fat, energy-reduced diet (click on 'DietnFood' at the top of this page, 'Weight loss', ‘Balanced diet’ and then on 'Slimming Diet' for a copy of such a diet. d) Get active. It is not necessary to go to a gym. You can put one of the children in a pram or a kangaroo pouch and go for a walk, or buy a skipping rope and skip every day. Sit the 8-month-old down to "watch Mommy getting thin" and do your skipping. The idea is to get daily exercise for about 30 min to stimulate your metabolism, which will promote overall weightloss. Once you are more used to walking or skipping, also include 10 min of sit-ups and thigh rolls for the tummy and bum respectively (perhaps before supper or before going to bed?). The exercise will also make you feel more positive. e) If you suspect that you may be suffering from depression (which is quite likely considering your circumstances with having 2 tiny children in such a short space of time), then Please consult a clinical psychologist (ask your gp to refer you) so that the psychologist can assess you and your situation and help you fight the depression and also learn to become more motivated. Depression can cause pronounced weight gain, so if this is a factor in your life, then you need professional help to overcome the problem. f) If you are not suffering from depression but lack motivation, buy motivational CDs from companies like Innertalk. Check them out on the Internet at: or
Above all be kind to yourself and ask other people to help you handle this massive load.
Holding thumbs that you will now start losing weight.
Best regards
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