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16 Apr 2006

What can I give 4 month old to eat?
My baby's now 4 months old. He eats his purity porridge in the mornings. What else can I make him to eat. He really doesn't like purity at all. I have given him gem squash and he loves it. He likes pureed carrots with a bit of potatoe in as well. Anything else? When can I introduce meat. When can he start eating pasta ect.(I know he's still young, but I've no idea as I'm a 1st time mom). When can I start putting salt in his food and when can I start putting onions/garlic/ect in his food? Please, please help!
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Lin
Tiny babies should not really be eating anything except very small quantities (1-2 teaspoons) of infant rice cereal before they are 6 months old. They should only be given breast milk or formula in the specified quantities every day and the tiny bit of porridge. The digestive systems of very small babies are not yet fully developed, so they really don't need more than their milk, a bit of porridge, and water. Once they reach the age of 6 months you can slowly introduce Purity or home prepared vegetables and fruit purees, finger food like boudoir biscuits or plain rusks, yoghurt, etc. Only introduce meat when the baby is eating vegetables and pureed fruit quite happily. If you do introduce meat, then it needs to be cooked, minced very, very finely and given at 1 teaspoon at a time. Whatever you do, do NOT add salt to the child's food until he is at least 2 years old, because the kidneys of infants cannot get rid of the salt like an adult and the child has no need for salt until he is much older and then only in minute quantities. Don't add any onions, garlic or any other flavourants to his foods and leave out the pasta until he is about 1 year old. It is essential to keep in mind that small babies do not need other foods besides milk and a bit of porridge until they are 6 months old, they do not need salty, spicy foods (their taste is not yet developed and these condiments can do them harm) and they have such small stomachs that they cannot eat more than 1-2 teaspoons of solid food at one time. Rather feed him his porridge more than once a day, than trying to give him larger portions. Click on 'Child' at the top of this page and then on 'Nutrition' and read the articles on 'Infants'. As he grows older you can read the articles on 'Toddlers' to see what and how much food he needs as he grows older.
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