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19 Jul 2011

Various Issues with puppy (2)
Hi doc,

I couple of months ago I wrote to you because of various issues with my then 6 month old puppy (housetraining, obedience, etc).

The housetraining has gotten better- I give her a treat whenever she poops outside (and she knows she gets a treat- she comes running in like a kid in a candy store). The problem is, I still sometimes have to wait 30 minutes for her to do her business because she is too distracted by other things (birds, bugs, people, cars, you name it). Is there no way that I can get her to go and be done (I have tried using words that she can associate with pooping, no luck yet). The thing is, she STILL does not stick to newspaper! I am using carpet cleaner and vinegar every two weeks because the house gets so dirty but she still just pees where ever suits her. How do I stop this? I thought vinegar was supposed to remove the scent?

The next thing is that she STILL does not listen when I tell her to come inside, etc. I will call her and whistle and she will ignore me flat. When I go to get her, she runs and wags her tail like it is a big fat game, no matter how " stern"  I make my voice. She might come is I say " sit"  (because she knows sit is followed by a treat).

How do I get her to behave? She will be spayed soon, I promise. Will that make a difference?
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Dog Behaviour Expert
Dog Behaviour Expert

01 Jan 0001

Hi Angela, what you need to do is to go right back to the beginning. Observe the times that the dog eliminates naturally and then start to take her out at round about those times. I see from above that you say she comes running in to get the treat - you should be outside with her so that you can treat THE SECOND she performs in order that she relates the behaviour (of eliminating) with the treat. It sounds to me that she is associating the behaviour of coming inside to get the treat, not the actual elimination. The SECOND she performs, praise her lavishly with 'good girl/good wee'wee', then offer the treat. To make this work, do it over a weekend and be with her every single time she eliminates outside.
I am not sure as to whether you are leaving the paper inside for her as she does not have access to outside when you are out? If this is the case, you need to train her to use the newspaper in exacly the same manner as the outside training. There are no short cuts here, you need to be present in order to reward the dog and she will then associate the behaviour with the reward. If you are not present to reinforce this behaviour, the dog will not learn, and in the case of being out of the home, rather leave the dog outside so that 'accidents' cant happen inside. With regard to the word to use as a cue - use the same word every single time so that she understands it.
If you are using carpet cleaner and vinegar, the carpet cleaner contains ammonia and other chemicals so the place will still smell like a toilet to the dog - only use the white vinegar and water mixture, and you can even put some pure Citronella oil down where you have cleaned to discourage her.
I have pasted the link to my toilet training article on Health24 for you to read again to refresh your memory and if you go on my friendsofthedog website you will find an article under the Puppy section on training a dog to eliminate on paper etc.
With regard to your other concerns of not coming when called etc, on the site mentioned above, read the article in the Puppy section on House Rules for Pups and after you have brought these into place, then read the Real Reliable Recall in the Dog Stuff section.
It is imperative that our dogs view us as the pack leaders, and the simple instructions given in the articles above will help you to achieve this in a manner in which your dog will understand and without shouting or physical punishment - very easy, you just need to be consistent in order not to confuse your dog. Good luck and remember Gary Player once said"the more I practice, the luckier I get" - in other words, no magic required with toilet training, only continual practice from the owner and totaly consistency. Good luck! thsk Scotty
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