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28 Nov 2005

Dear Docter,

I am 33 yrs old, after trying unsucessfully for 2 yrs to fall pregnant, I finally fell pregnant in Feb this year, but unfortunately I lost the baby at 9 weeks. SInce then I have not been able to fall pregnant, in Oct I went to my Gynae as my periods have been realy heavy and painful, they always have been, but it has become a lot worse. He then performed a diagnostic laparoscopy and discovered 2 x large Myomes (golf ball size) on my uterus muscle.

Is it at all possible to sustain a pregnancy with the tumors on my uterus.

Is it Vital for me to have a myomectomy in order to fall preganant?

What are the chances of an unplanned historectomy, while the Doc is trying to remove these myomes?

How long after the myomectomy can I try to fall pregnant again?

And do you have any other suggestions?

I am realy very afraid of losing my uterus.

Thank you for your time.

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Fertility expert
fertility expert

01 Jan 0001

Dear Mary

It is not always necessary to have a myomectomy in order to conceive, as this largley depends on the position of the fibroids in relation to the endometrial lining. Should the fibroids be on the surface of the uterus or at a distance from the endometrium, this would not pose any difficulty in conception provided that the fibroids do not obscure or block or distort the fallopian tubes in any way.

Furthermore, any fibroid which is very close to the cervix or cervical canal would cause pressure effects and relevant obstruction to the outflow or inflow and therefore to the passgae of sperm .

Therefore, in summary, if the fibroids are:
1.) in close proximity to the endometrium or
2.) in anyway distorting the fallopian tubes or
3.) distorting the cervical canal,

then these should be removed before attempting to conceive.

It is very unlikely that fibroids the size of golf balls would pose the seriouis risk in terms of surgery and it would be very surprising if a hysterectomy is deemed necessary for such small fibroids. Following the myomectomy you could attempt to conceive within six weeks and if no pregnancy has ensued after nine months of trying, I would recommend that you seek further assistance. Without having further information I cannt make any alternate suggestions sufficing to say or just to add that ceratin fibroids can be dealt with without surgical intervention. However, this is not my recommendation at this point in time.
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