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06 Apr 2006

Another body fat % question
At the beginning of November 2005 I went to see a dietician and exercise expert who've worked out an exercise plan and eating plan. The eating plan is not really a diet, but more an 'eating right plan'. It basically boils down to eating 6 smaller meals rather than 3 bigger meals per day. The exercise plan was changed every month. It consists mainly of weight training, but the cardio time was gradually increased. I now exercise 5 days per week. One day is a cardio-only day and the other days have about 15-20 minutes cardion and the rest of the time is weight training. I train different muscle groups every day. I am 1,8 metres tall and 34 yrs old. When starting the program I weighed about 68 kgs and my fat % was about 23%. I now weighs about 69,2kgs and my body fat % is about 18%. Is that good? I feel the difference in my clothes and the person that worked out the plans said with my last assessment that I can now just maintain, because I really look good. It just bothers me that I didn't really loose weight and still feel that I can loose some cm's.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi there

It's really terrific, and I think that you can be very pleased with what has happened. I suspect that your body weight has gone up because you are gaining muscle mass, but losing body fat. Of course, this is speculation, because you have to really do a full comprehensive analysis to know exactly what has happened to body fat and muscle mass, and this is something that is quite expensive to have done. However, your numbers are not unusual - it is reasonable to expect that you could lose about 4 or 5 kg of fat in five months, and it's also reasonable to expect that you could gain this much muscle. The key here is that you look better (in your own opinion), you feel better, and your clothes fit differently. This means that something is happening,and it's good.

So really, you have to just keep this up and be pleased with your progess so far. Your weight is actually in the ideal range, and if your body fat value is measured accurately, then it's also a very good value. So now it is just the fine tuning, and this will come over time.

Good luck and well done
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