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03 Dec 2004

can't lose weight
i've been taking Phedra-Cut and Phedra Liquid for the past month now and still have seen no results! I've actually seen HORRIBLE results! I've picked up almost 2kg's. I've combind these meds with healthy eating (most of the time) and lots of exercise (cardio and workout classes) i'm so sad!
i need to only lose 4kg's and i CAN'T!!!
I;ve been gyming as well for the past 4 months and i feel toned but i need to LOSE some more weight!
Can someone please shed some light or give some tips! i'm desperate... and slowly slipping into a black hole.
I can't afford a personal trainer or a dietician - i do eat regularly and incorporate salads and low fat foods into my diet..
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Zoe

I will try to address your main concern first - the weight gain. I hope that I can set your mind at ease. Very important, you must realise that gaining weight at the start of training is very common, actually, and it's related predominantly to muscle mass (though 4 weeks is a short time, it's still not impossible) and also plasma volume (you actually make more blood when you start exercising - even a 500 ml increase would increase mass by 0.5kg or more).

People seem to have a conception that weight training causes muscle mass to rise, and cardio training burns fat. While this is largely true, you must remember that there is considerable overlap. So, let's say you are cycling, this means that if you are cycling along at 90 revs per minute this basically means that you are doing 90 contractions of the muscle per minute. Do this for 10 minutes and you have 900 muscle contractions, and so even though the force per contraction is low, you will still build some muscle. What i am saying is that even though you are not doing weight training, it's still feasible that you will gain some muscle by doing cardio.

Very importantly though, this is nothing to worry about. In fact, it's a good thing, and I guess the bottom line is that you must really focus on how fit you are, how you are feeling and perhaps how you are looking, rather than on the scale. I really do think that it is self-defeating to always look at the scale for your success. Your success can be measured in other ways, and I think that you should aim for centimeters not kilograms, and you immediately change your focus from weight to fitness and toning.

Keep up the good work, remember that it takes time, but have faith that you are on the right track!

Good luck

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