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13 Feb 2004

How do i pick up weight?
Hey there, im a thin male that would realy like to put on some weight. I eat alot and have recently started working out.. I have been trying to put on weight for quiet some time but have not suceeded. I have even tried weight gain suppliments like Mass Builder but seen no result..

Please help!!


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01 Jan 0001

HI Sean

It's hard to point out the fault so far (assuming there has been one). I would doubt very much that it is the diet aspect - most people in the western world eat more than enough to allow mass gain, and that also renders a lot of supplements rather unnecessary. So, I would look first at the training as a possible cause. Having said that, there is a chance that your diet is at fault, and for this you would need to see a dietician for advice and ideas. It may be very subtle things.

However, to address the training may be a little easier and hopefully more successful. THe key to training to build muscle is to train at a high enough level to cause this stimulus. Otherwise, you succeed in building strength, and toning the muscle, but you don't really build muscle. The difference between toning and bulking up lies in the size of the weight that you use. If your goal is to bulk up, then you need to be lifting quite heavy weights - I would say that you should try to lift a weight that you would be able to lift no more than about 10 to 12 times before fatigue, and then do 8 to 10 reps on this weight. In otherwords, you are lifting a very heavy weight to almost your capacity. For toning, you would lift a lighter weight, more often. So, it may be that so far in your training, you have been lifting a weight and going for more reps, but then the weight is not heavy enough. So, that would be the first change I would suggest.

Taking it further from here is difficult - the structure of the programme, such as when you exercise certain muscle groups during the week, and how long you recover between sessions would come into play. However, I can't make these suggestions all at once. What I would suggest therefore, is that you check out the following site:
It contains good advice, explanations and assistance with the different types of exercises for different body parts, and even programmes for different types of people. Well worth a look

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