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16 Jul 2008

How much is enough?
Hi there

I need to lose 12 kilos by this time next year (I am getting married and need to fit into that dress!)

I weigh 72kgs and I am 5 foot 4 - so I am definately overweight! I used to weigh 55kgs but I am pretty sure I will never weigh that again so I am settling for a goal of 57kgs. I have just come off antidepressant medication which I believe is what made me gain so much!

I am currently using an orbitrek for my cardio - working out for 30min about 6 times per week. Straight after I do 100 - 200 crunches, bicep curls and tricep kickbacks with a 5kg weight (3 sets of 12 per arm), as well as lunges (100) I am doing everything at home coz I cant afford gym

I am on weigh less as well, so I know my diet is right - but the weight loss is so slow and sometimes I go for 2 weeks with no results only to lose 500g in the third week!

I do have a thyroid problem so I know this may be slowing the weight loss down a little - but is my exercise routine alright? I simply dont feel like I can handle any more than what I am already doing - once I finnish on that orbitrek I am out of breath and my legs are like jelly! Besides they claim that 20min 3 times per week is supposed to be sufficient to lose weight and I am doing more than that!

I dont really know what else to do, and the slow progress is very demotivating!
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Chubbs

I suspect the anti-depressant medication was a big part of the problem, and so the good news is that you should lose weight automatically now that you're off them.

Combined with a bit of exercise and diet, I suspect that you'll be able to achieve your goal. Remember, though, a year is a long time, and so you have to treat this like a long-distance run, not a sprint, and bear in mind that you might have a month or two where you don't lose weight and so just have to keep at it, don't let your head drop!

As for the details, so far so good. I think the 30 minutes, six times a week is great, and the combination with the weight training is good. I would caution that perhaps in the early stages, you can increase the cardio to say 35 and cut back on the situs ups, and lunges, maybe by half.

Over time, what will happen is that you'll get fitter, and that means you'll be able to push a little bit harder, and that means more weight loss. So you're kind of in a Catch 22 situation right now, because you're starting out. Keep it up and you'll get to the point where you are able to go hard enough to lose more weight.

The other thing to keep in mind is that for variety, you might consider some running or walking outside, and even cycling. The orbitrek is great, don't get me wrong, but my experience is that home exercise, if it's all you do, can be quite routine. And so I'd find some variety if possible.

Good luck
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