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18 Nov 2005

Not sweating / Fat wont budge??
Hi there,

I am a 24 yr old female and have been working out at a home gym using moderate weights, exercise ball and a bit a cardio (tae - bo and running). I have been doing this religiously every day for about 2 months. Recently though I don't get out of breath or sweat when working out. I still feel my muscles are toning and the next day I get stiff after certain exercises. I would also like to lose more weight. What do you suggest I do to achieve this if Im not sweating it out at the gym. I workout for about 30 min in the morning and 30 min at night.

On another note; I am fairly well toned except for the area around my upper thighs. I have done all types of bum / leg lifting exercises but that area of fat just wont budge? What can I do to target that?

Thanks for your time.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Katie

Firstly, you don't sweat out weight. So sweating is not necessarily an indication of whether you are losing weight. Rmember that when you sweat, you just drink after training and replace all the water you lost anyway, so it's not really weight loss. The weight loss you are after is fat mass, and that comes off 'invisibily'. At least, you don't always know about it, but it does happen. So I think that practically, your absence of sweating is probably a simple sign that you are not exercising as hard as you can. This is re-inforced by your observation that you are not out of breath either - you have obviously improved your fitness over the last few weeks of training, and so now it is the time to increase the training load. If you cycled 20 minutes before, do 30 now. if you ran 4 km in 30 minutes, try to do 5. You get the point - you must continuously overload and progress in order to see change continuously. I think that you are doing fine - if you feel it in your muscles, then something is happening, just give it more time.

The other thing you must focus on is diet. You can do all the training in the world and see nothing if you don't eat well at the same time, so address this issue.

Finally, your programme seems fine. What i don't know is how often you train - 5 days a week should be the minimum. Also, perhaps you should focus more on cardio. I would say that at least 40 minutes a day should be cardio training, I'm not sure how you are breaking your 60 minutes a day down at the moment, but I would say cardio must make up the bigger part.

Other than this, just keep it up, continue to overload and build up and I'm sure that over time, you will see results.

Good luck
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