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16 Mar 2007

Out of proportion!
Please someone help me- my lower body is completely out of proportion and I need desparate help getting it just right. Any have any good exercises that will help me lose centimeters on my butt and thighs? I have bad knees but I walk for no less than 30 mins everyday and then I spend 4 hours walking around the shop where I work. Please help me.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Dolly

This is a difficult and is by far the most common question that is asked, actually. Everyone seems to battle with the weight in a specific area. It's really difficult to combat though, although you have already hopefully recognized that eating well and exercising correctly are the keys. The simple answer then, is to continue exercise and change your eating patterns. The exercise is cardio training - like running, walking, cycling, swimming, taebo, aerobics etc. Anything that is cardiovascular gets the heart pumping and energy burning is most effective. It is just a question of how you use these cardio sessions. I would suggest at least 4 days a week of cardio training, each session lasting about 30 to 45 minutes, AT LEAST. You have to build up this duration and then keep at it consistently in order to see change. I suspect that in your case, the big problem so far has been the intensity. It's great that you are walking, but if you could increase the intensity just a little, then you would be much better off. Given your knee problems, however, this may not be possible, and so other options are cycling, swimming and aerobics, if youc an do them.

The specific exercises for the area in question have a relatively minor role, other than that they are responsible for developing the muscle in the area, which creates the appearance of being toned. That's obviously what you want, but you have to realise that you can't do the toning and specific work first and neglect the cardio - it has to work the other way around, cardio first, toning second. So focus on cardio, then on toning.

Diet is also very crucial, and if it's not 100% it will undermine any exercise benefits. So the best thing is to see a dietician or follow a very good diet plan. Just remember that low kilojoule is not necessarily better - too low causes problems as well, because it causes the body's metabolic rate to drop and that affects your ability to lose weight in the future. So don't try to starve yourself or go overboard, rather eat sensibly, cut out as much fat as you can, and listen to your body.

Good luck
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