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10 Aug 2007

Picked up weight from exersize
Hi... I have a slim build (female, 23yrs) and have weighed the same (45kg's) for the past 8 years. Then i started going to gym - i'm on about the sixth month and i have picked up an entire 5kg's. Eating and daily habits other than exercise (only 2 times a week) haven't changed. I have been doing weight training and toning classes. I want to go back to my original weight but not stop exercising. Should i just do cardio instead? I would have liked to tone up a bit, but not at the cost of picking up weight and messing with my metabolism.

One more thing. It is a bit of a strange question but can women get defined triceps muscles without getting large and body-builder shaped?

Thanks in advance for help.
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01 Jan 0001

HI Sally

Well, 5 kg is a lot to pick up. Weight gain is not in itself a problem, a lot of people gain weight when exercising, it's actually expected, particularly in someone who is clearly not overweight to begin with. Even at 50kg, you are not overweight, and so I'm not 100% sure why you feel you need to return to 45kg - do you feel that you are heavier? If, for example, I had denied you the use of a scale for the last year, would you have noticed any weight gain? Because my feeling is that you have probably been a little misled by the number on the scale - the weight you have gained is not unhealthy, it's actually more likely to be a good response to the training and so I do think there's nothing to be concerned about.

That said, I appreciate that you do wish to lose this again, all I'm saying is that you shouldn't get too hung up or worried about the weight. What you can focus on perhaps, for the next month or so, is fitness, and maybe shifting focus to a bit of cardio training is the way to begin. I would not cut the weights out altogether, but just increase the cardio proportion to about half the total exercise volume.

As for toning, the key there is high intensity work - the very slow, static weight lifting, which usually also used reasonably heavy weights doesn't cause that toning effect. It's the cardio and the higher intensity weights using lighter weights, but doing more rapid lifting that will help.

Good luck
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