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06 Aug 2007

Shoulder Injury and Inflammation
I am a male of 41. My left shoulder has been (slight) painful for about 2 to 3 years until recenlty when i started lifting weights. I first suspected it was cause by the bad way of sleeping. But now with the weight lifting it is worse to an extent i had stop. I have also been diagnosed as having a high uric acid and inflammation in my body. This uric acid causes gout i my left ankle sometimes. I am on tablets for gout at the moment but the pain on my left shoulder is still there especially at night. It makes sleeping uncomfortable because it goes down the arm to the wrist. Could it be i injured myself long time ago or is it related to gout and inflammation? Should i stop lifting weights completely. The other problem that i have is the ulcer and the spastic colon. If i run fast for about 20 minutes i feel the pain on my left rib and left back. It's so severe that i have to stop and it subsidises and stops completely. I ws tested for heart problems but they were negative. Please advise me
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Loyiso

I think the immediate problem (regarding the shoulder, anyway) is to back off the weight lifting and sort out the cause of the problem. I suspect it may be nerve related, but impossible to diagnose like this. You would really need a physical examination from a physio or a doctor, and then you could take it forward and get the best treatment. It may of course be related to your other problems, but I suspect it's not, and is more related to excessively loading and working the shoulder joint. Any weakness or any inflexibility in the shoulder joint can lead to problems, and the observation that exercise worsens your problem suggests that perhaps this is the case. It could also be an old injury, which perhaps did not heal 100% correctly, and this predisposes you to a problem now. So I would certainly recommend tha you see a physio or a sports injury specialist for a proper diagnosis of this one.

Then as for the colon and uric acid problem, that's another one where I am guessing slightly, particularly since you've seen a doctor for tests already! And so without that exam, very difficult. I'm also not 100% sure I follow the description of the pain - is it breathing related, or muscular? Is it possible it is not related to either? If you run slower, then does it still happen, or only at faster speeds? I hate to just ask questions, but that's what would be needed to get some sort of idea here, and that's why actually seeing someone is the most effective way forward.

Good luck
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