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15 Dec 2004

Something to help me Gain weight
i need something that will help me gain wait, i keep on losing weight almost everyday, i donot know what's wrong withe me but i am eating properly and i am always eating fatty foods but i can't gain wait. lat year my weight was 58 now i lost up to 40. i am very worried, pls help.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi there

If you are losing weight, short of having some sort of disorder (which is always possible, and if you are this concerned I would certainly see a doctor about it), the reason is related to your energy intake. You have said that you eat a lot, but perhaps the content is still a bit low, or perhaps needs to be changed as well as increased. As far as food goes, yYou must make sure that for building mass and especially muscle mass, that you are eating enough proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important as the body's main source of energy during exercise. Feelings of fatigue, lack of energy, tiredness are all indications of a lack of carbohydrates in the diet. Foods that contain carbohydrates include rice, potatoes, pasta, bread etc. Any starchy food is a good bet.

Then, in terms of proteins, you must try to eat meats, fish, eggs etc. as good sources of proteins. Ideally, these types of foods should make up 30% of your diet, with carbohydrates about 60 to 70%. Fats should be kept to a minimum of about 10 to 20%. Eating fatty foods may not be all that beneficial as far as weight gain goes - remember that you don't want to gain fat, you want to increase your lean muscle mass. Having too much fat is dangerous, it is associated with a number of health risks and you should not want this.

Then finally, keep in mind that you must train properly to increase mass, and eating well is not enough on its own.

If your aim were to build muscle, the following guidelines will help you:
• Perform 6-10 reps at a high intensity - use a weight that you could lift 12 to 15 times
• Perform 3-4 sets
• Rest 30-60 seconds between reps
• Train each muscle group at least once or twice a week
• Allow 48 hours rest between each muscle’s workout

I hope this helps, but as I said earlier, to have lost 14 kg, without apparently changing anything (if that is the case) in your routine means that maybe you should consider seeing a doctor to eliminate anything medical

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