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water retention
DO you know what the cause of water retention is? I have heard that if you suffer from this that you should drink more water beacuse your body is storing water. is this true?
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01 Jan 0001

hi Cindy

Water retention first needs to be defined. When I refer to water retention, I mean that the body is storing water in excess of what it requires. Now, if you drink TOO LITTLE water, the body will of course retain water, but that's because it has to - because the body is trying to get levels back to normal. So, if you are drinking too little water, then the body must retain water so that the levels are normal. THis is not water retention, just a normal physiological process.

However, if you drink TOO MUCH water, then, you will retain water purely because the body is unable to get rid of the water that it has in the system. So, water retention (in the medical sense of the word) is caused by excess fluid or water consumption, and so the worst thing you can do is to drink more water - it will just cause even more water retention. Therefore, for someone who presents with water retention (in the absence of disease, which I'll get to shortly), just cutting back on the water intake should do the trick.

Having said all this, there are other conditions that can cause water retention. One is called inappropriate ADH secretion syndrome. I won't get too technical with the physiology, but ADH is a hormone that regulates how much water the body keeps behind and how much is allowed to be passed out via the kidneys. Some people produce excessive amounts of ADH, and this causes water to be kept behind. Also, be aware that during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, water retention can occur, but that is normal physiology - your own thirst mechanism would adjust to prevent excessive fluid overload.

Hope this helps
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