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25 Jan 2013

Good deeds or what?
Dear All

I just wanted your response to this matter.
My friend''s longtime boyfriend paid her lobola in 2010 fine. He is the guy who was taking care of her when she was still at the college. Then she got a job at one of the big companies and she met rich guys and her lifestyle changed. Then she started to be busy all along the guy is still there but she does not treat him like a real man because he is not rich. Then in 2006 she fell pregnant with a married someone and she didnt tell the boyfriend.

She then confronted into her friends and i think they were 3 who know about that. Fine she gave birth and the boyfriend knows its her daughter. The real father of the child supports the child every month and he makes sure that her child does not lack anything. The lady then bought a house without informing her boyfriend that she is buying a house. Another thing when she started to work she was driving the boyfriends car and it was still new and the boyfriend was driving a bakkie. The boyfriend loves this lady with all his heart. She cheated him with so many guys and the guy just kept quite. Is it normal ladies and gents.

To cut the story short the girl saw that she has money and got herself not 1,2,3,4, rich boyfriends she is busy. If you are rich then ur her leaque. Till now the boyfriend doesnt know that the child is not his but his friends knows about it. The lady now she got a tender boy who is married and she told the boyfriend that she is no longer in love with him and she sent the delegates to the boyfriends house so that they can make it official that she is no longer interested and the guy should leave her alone. Mind you the boyfriend has never lied, cheated on her whatsoever. She recently bought herself a car and she gave him his car.

What i need to know from you guys how will you feel if it was your brother who was in this situation?
Does money really make people change so much?
What are we friends saying to our fellow sisters when she shares with us?
Is it wise to break up with a single person and persue a married man?
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