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31 Jan 2013

I like this
From Martha Beck!

Now Try This!
Think of the worst thing you’ ve ever survived.
Describe it below.
... Then think of the next-worst thing.
If you’ ve had a long and/or eventful life, you may be able to list several ways you’ ve been to hell: being jilted at the altar, having a miscarriage, developing tennis elbow, getting robbed at gunpoint, accidentally pressing “ Send to All”  on a very private email involving photographs of your special body parts.

Pick your top five, in order of awfulness.
Though these experiences were dreadful, because they were dreadful, they are also precious.

Pain gives our true nature an objective we can pursue with genuine passion. Whatever ways you’ ve been to hell, you can make the experiences meaningful by leading others out of the same grim spots.

The most motivating thought for a suffering wayfinder is “ I can help other people who’ ve been through this.”  This is a win-win-win idea. It helps heal the healer, transforms the tragedy itself into a gift of grace, blesses and repairs other beings, and radiates healing outward to the entire Great Self