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23 Jan 2013

Okay so I have been taking birth control pills for two weeks now, (mononessa). I started it on the Sunday of the week that my period started. Okay, Now this is the problem. My boyfriend and I waited 7 days before having unprotected sex. Today is Tuesday, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex both this past following saturday and sunday and both days he ejaculated inside of me. Sunday, took my birth control about 3 hours late, and yesterday... Monday i did not take my birth control pills. Accordung to my iovulation calender, it was in sunday which is the 2nd day in a row my bf ejacularted inside of me. Today,.I took two birth control pills. After 2 weeks of taking birth control, is that enough time to stop ovulation???? COULD I BE PREGNANT????? IF I AM PREGNANT WOULD CONTINUING ON THE BC HARM THE BABY?????!!!!!