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30 Jan 2013

Im in love
Hi Forumits

I am always on this site but not comment but today just told myself that i have to share this with you.

I knew this guy for 5 years. He was working for some other company and we happen to like each other as friends. His birthday is the same month with me so everytime he throws a party he will invite me same as me. Fine he know my ex and i didnt know his private life.
Last year i was no longer with my ex and he invited me to his birthday and i went there with my friend. It was nice and we left with my friend early hours we didnt even notice it was that late cos the music was nice. So this guy we kept contact more during december and i went for my holidays and he also went for his holiday. We came back and the calls, sms were the order of the day until saturday. He told me that he always loved me but he respected my relationship with ex and seeing that ex is no longer in the picture he said he would like us to try something and he said that day at his party he wanted to tell me but he had no guts so i told him that i also felt it.

So im in love with this guy ijooo. So we are meeting today so i dont know