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05 Feb 2013

Kids fighting at school
Hallo everyone,

Yesterday we were told that our kids (girl 5 and boy 4) had a physical fight at school in the playgrounds, plus the girl refused to follow any instructions from her teacher yesterday. Nothing happened to them at home as far as I am concerned, they ave a new nanny and she seems to be fine. This was happenig for the first time and they have been going to that school for three years.
Last year we usually got reports from school about the boy hurting other kids at school now and then. The girl didnt have any problems till yesterday. This is really a concern, and it really worries me. Is this kind of behavour normal? what can we do to stop it? we were thinking of taking the boy to the chid pyscologist. Everything is normal at home ant they act like normal kids and all, and I think they know what is right and what is wrong. Is there anything that triggers such behaviours?
We are not spoiling them or anything, we discipline them and all, punish them when neccesary, but it is really worrying when as a parent you have to receive such reports from school and these teachers always think parents are not disciplining their kids good enough............I am really confused. We are not violent people, but I should also mention this: I think three years back, me and their father had a fight and they saw everything whereby their father was physically hurting me (strangling). They were watching TV downstairs and ran upstairs when they had noises and saw us fighting, saw everything and the girl was screaming at her dad but the boy was just quite and staring. We never fought since then but I cant stop thinking that has affected them in someway. Since then we tried by all means not to fight argue in their presence, I know that was so wrong for us to fight infront of the kids......................does this makes any sense? your opinions will be appriciated.