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16 Jan 2013

Newly pregnant and confused - help! :(
I found out yesterday I''m pregnant, and I''m extatic. But I don''t know what happens next! I don''t have a gynae yet, so I know I need to find one but I haven''t yet. (Don''t want to just pick a name out of a hat!!) So that stresses me out because I have a million questions!

The other thing is, my GP phoned to tell me how far along my blood test says I am. Now I read that you count from the day you had your last cycle, meaning week 1 and week 2 you haven''t even conceived yet! Week 3 is conception.
Now my GP says I''m 2-3 weeks along - what does that mean? There''s some level she was referring to that should be 10 or higher, and mine was 75. She was on the line for about 10 seconds, so I didn''t get to ask any questions.