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01 Feb 2013

Sperm donors r real
Hi forumies,been with this man for 8years,during that time i stayed faithfull even during our break up''s and make up''s,we now have a three year old,whom he hasnt paid damages for,anyway dont really care about that,so he recently said he wants to do things rite,he went home and came back a changed man.

He now says he wont pay damages because i have been chatting to man infront of him,so i should tell them to do that, i told him ur not doing me any favours,ur doing it for ur kid,and he says " who says it''s mine?" lyk wtf,ooh boy,i told him oscof the kid is not ur''s,u just donated ur sperm,and the good thing about this is that i never had the kid for you,i also wanted it,i can afford my kid and dont worry i wont even take you to court,my kid will have a super life,but not sure about you,esp since we tried for years to get pregs,got well wishes and prayers from both fam,and the kid a photy copy of his late father and everyone can see that.

So,yes i -|- ed up being with him,i became someone i did not like,angry,destroying his precious property,that was because i had bottled evrything inside for so long,bt learned my leason,and i am so greatfull to have such a supportive family,and i had the baby for myself and i love to bits.And this forum,kept and still keeps me going,thank you,so much,and may 2013 be filled with more laughter,advice,love,cyber hugs and support,love lots.