Ask an expert

28 Jan 2013

To all the men out there
I don’ t know why, but lately I view women with a lot of cynicism. What good is a woman really? Not anymore. They bring nothing to the table and they expect to be showered with gifts and provided for. And most of them are deceitful, immoral, narcissist, promiscuous and gold diggers who seem to think that the sun shines from their butt... They are more of an annoyance than pleasure.

There no benefits in having a woman in a man’ s life anymore they are nothing but aggravation. But who in their right mind want that? Other than sex women have nothing to offer anymore. I encourage every man out there to take a stand against these evil manipulators and drama inventors who are master of self-deceit.

If most men were to ask themselves, what has a woman done for you? The answer would probably be nothing. As for me, no woman has ever done anything for me other than my mother. And I’ m sure most you guys out there can attest to that.

But I still blame it on feminism. It did women more harm than good.Instead of liberating, it enslaved them.