Ask an expert

20 Feb 2013

What men really want
Men are looking for respect –  don’ t question his judgements, don’ t make him explain every time he goes out with his buddies. Be every understanding and stop being too demanding. In other words be his yes woman.

Men don’ t like competition –  just because you women can compete with men on a corporate boardroom level, that doesn’ t mean that you have to take that silly mentality home. Women learn to be submissive, period.

Men want women that they can control (and it’ s the ugly truth) –  but that doesn’ t mean that men are control freaks, don’ t be too opinionated, argumentative and critical of him. Instead lavish your man with compliments, sexual attention and be a magician in the kitchen and gyrate like Chomee in bed.

Men are looking for feminine women –  we are looking for the maternal types, caring, kind and sensitive. The truth is most women have lost their femininity, and that that’ s why some of them are well into their mid 30” s and still not married.

Men are looking for real women - men often complain and say that women wear too much fake make – up and it normally cracks when they smile. It is a huge turn off to us men. There are no real women anymore, because all you see is dolls, with fake tan, fake nails, fake eyelashes and fake hair - everything about them is fake

Men don’ t fear successful men –  successful women always confuse success with arrogance. Most of these successful women lack modesty and humility and they are egotists.