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12 Aug 2007

Please explain something....
Over the years I have become increasingly concerned about the high profile of homosexual people in the media.

We have to read about lesbians and homosexuals all the time, complaining and moaning as if they have the worst possible lives one could imagine; they're either in court or on TV or on the radio or in the news for some reason but they never seem to shut up.

Forty normal women get raped and murdered and no one says anything, A lesbian gets raped and they all start shouting. What's the issue - rape? So why not shout when ANY woman gets raped!

You seem to only think of yourselves and your own interests and seem pre-occupied with getting as much attention as you can.

Every single situation that arises is twisted and distorted so that you can complain and become oppressed victims again. You seem to have no pride and you certainly have no shame.

But today, to crown it all, I visit a respected health forum and what do I find? A forum for homosexuals!! For goodness sake - why? Are you all sick? Why on earth hve you infiltrated a serious health forum with your ridiculous complaints and etty little problems? Since when are you so special that you're unable to consult a CyberDoc or s CyberShrink or a CyberVet, like everyone else? Or do your poodles also require SPECIAL attention, just like you do?

And to add to my dismay, you even have a so-called expert in homosexuality! What on earth is that about? Where is the heterosexual expert on this site? Ah..... heterosexuals are not as special as homosexuals, I hear you say.

I did an Internet search on your expert and again, what did I find? Someone who is a loud-mouthed attention seeker commenting on everything from condoms, blood donations, sexual diseases, parenting, medical and legal issues, to the entire wide world when in fact he is neither a doctor nor a lawyer nor even a parent! But he does have a girl's name so perhaps that level of confusion qualifies him as an "expert" on this condition? The blind leading the blind, on a path that can only lead to ridicule and regret.

I will not honour your sordid forum with a question but I will post a suggestion to Health24 - get rid of the homosexuals and don't allow them to claim undue space. What is good enough for heterosexuals should be equally good for homosexuals (and let's be clear about this, all other deviants and perverts) and make them establish their own websites where they can get on with it without normal people having to be confronted by their sordid and unhappy lives.

No doubt the homosexuals and lesbians who post here will be up in arms and will scream and shout as they usually do but hey! life IS sometimes unfair, nature can be harsh but that applies to everyone. So stop complaining and get on with your miserable lives in private.

I hope that when I visit here again you'll be gone. It will be good riddance.
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Gay, lesbian and bisexual expert
gay, lesbian and bisexual expert

01 Jan 0001

Hi everyone... Mind your step, a particularly ugly, nasty and odiferous pile of poop has landed from Straightville. Just step over it - let's not dirty ourselves by trying to toss it back.

I'm not going to delete this post - it is a great example of the heterosexist ignorance and intolerance we often have to face in our daily lives.
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