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03 Apr 2006

awful ovary pain yest-appt with new doc-long post
Ive always had some ovary area discomfort but over the last few months it has been getting worse and the last week has been the worst ever, yesterday I was having the most awful stabbing pains in both sides -especially in the left-I couldnrt stand up for too long and if I sat down too hard or in a certain position the pain was unbearable-It hurt weeing-not a burning or anything that would lead to a urine infection but this stabing in the side.
My boyf wanted to take me to a&e but I said no
Today i Had an appt with my new doc I feel so fed up
I went in there and said bout my periods-she asked me some questions like how heavy/painful etc they are went through all that(with her saying that heavy painful periods are not uncommon-even tho I bleed straight thru super plus tampons)I then went on to say bout the ovary pain-b4 I could even xplain how awful it was yest she said 'that's not uncommon many girls get mid cycle pain -ovulation pain.
my byf then jumped in and said 'look she was wincing in pain yest and its being getting worse over a week'
The doc then said she wanted to do this internal exam with this metal thing-It really hurt me , I nearly started crying-she then did a normal internal exam and said the ovaries wernt enlarged or anything.
She then felt either side where it hurts(felt very tender when she pushed left side) and said 'you said it feels hard but you've got good toned muscles round there' and 'You said you were in real pain yest but the ovaries arent enlarged and I cant feel any lumps or bumps'
At this point johns started to get a bit arsey with her so Iv told him to calm down.
When I told her it really hurts when weeing and the pain I sometimes get down my leg she didn't really say anything.
Eventually she said 'Have you ever heard of endometriosis?' I said id been looking at it on the net and she said
'That something that we would want to rule out but the thing is with that is it is a very painful condition and you wouldn't be having mid cycle pain it only hurts when you are actually on your period'
At this point Ive given up and johns not said anything cos he thinks im getting annoyed with him.
She said that she would repeat the ultrasound so she filled out a refferral form and that will take about 6-8 weeks to come thru
She said if that doesn't show anything then she will go thru a gyn and get a lap sorted but we are talking mnths I shud imagine.
She wrote me a perscription for mefenamic acid(which ive already got)and told to take them thru my next period.
Lukily the pain isnt as bad as yest cos that was that.
Then john went in a mood with me cos he said there was no point in him going cos I wouldn't let him talk wich wernt true he was just getting wound up and I told him to calm down.
What do you think to all that?
Sorry its long!!
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01 Jan 0001

Sounds like you may very well have endometriosis. It would take a laparoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and treatment can then be discussed. I suggest seeing a gynae.
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