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13 Oct 2009

Unprotected sex whilst your girlfriend is on her period
Hi, I have been having sex with my partner but she doesn’  t like me to use condoms, so we have sex without the use of a condom just after her period (not during) period. The thing for me is that she likes it when I ejaculate inside of her but I have been told that after a woman’  s cycle or when the cycle begins, it is safe for one to ejaculate inside and not run the risk of her falling pregnant?

Everyone has their own advice and myths when it comes to this so please clear these questions for me.

My question to you is more about what is true when it comes to safe sex and sex without a condom after her period. Here are my questions that i would like answered:

1)I read that sperm can stay alive in a female for up to 1week, is this true?

2) After a woman' s period, her ovaries start producing new ova, but there is very little to no chance of falling pregnant during this time?

3) How long, how many days, is it safe to have unprotected sex before one runs the risk of getting your girlfriend pregnant, considering that sperm can live for up to 1 week inside of a girl?

4) If we do practice sex without a condom, what spermiceds can we use to reduce/stop the risk of her falling pregnant?

5) what oral contraceptives can I take, if any.

My girlfriend is on the pill, but as we all know the pill not 100% safe.

My biggest concern is the fact that we don’  t use protection for 1 week after her period and this I have been told is ok due to there being a thin lining and no ova present. Can you please tell me if what I have been told by others are truth of myths?

*we are both free from STD' s and make sure we stay that way
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01 Jan 0001

1. That can occur, though the average lifesapn of a sperm is 48 hours.
2. While ovulation usually occurs around Day 14 of the cycle, it can occur at unexpected times, and she could then fall pregnant.
3. The above should answer that question. "Safe sex' is not that safe.
4. Spermicides on their own are not recommended. They shoupld be used with a condom.
5.There are no male oral contraceptives available at this time.

The most important thiong is that, if she takes the Pill regularly, she is more than 99% safe from pregnancy.

Best wishes
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