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27 Jan 2009

Natural &amp  Safe HRT Alternatives
Dear Sister Tereza

Since you are the CEO of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and you have worked as a Nursing Sister in the field of Osteoporosis for 18 years, you are the Co-writer of the patient brochure on Osteoporosis and the editor of the newsletter, Osteonews  I would now like to turn to you for assistance.

I am a 50-year old lady and only have one son. I used to live with my parents until recently. I am now living on my own (for 8months now). This has required of me to become more active and I have lost some weight and people have commented on how good I look.

I went to my GP last week for a check up. Blood tests were done &  it was found that I am menopausal &  that I might have to go onto Hormone Replacement Therapy. But before this option was to be considered, the GP recommended that I needed undergo a Bone Density Test first.

I underwent the Bone Density Test earlier today &  the Radiologist advised that there are some areas in the lower spine &  the one hip where the bone density is low. The Radiotherepist also indicated that it is likely that the GP will recommend that I will have to go onto Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I am not happy about going onto HRT, since I' ve heard about the increased risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes, Uterine Cancer, Breast Cancer, DVT, Blood Clots, etc. when using the conventional medication available today.

Are there any alternatives (e.g. natural products, food, etc) available that one can use, take or other methods that can be used instead of going onto HRT?

How can I prevent the bone density from getting any worse? since I have been taking a Calcium supplement for years.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


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Healthy Bones
Healthy Bones

01 Jan 0001

Dear Anon
If at all possible, could you please phone me at the Osteoporosis Foundation -tel 021 9317894
I need to know what the reading on your scan showed and also a few other things like weight, calcium intake etc.
Your concerns regarding HRT are quite valid and our stance at NOFSA is that although HRT is still the best way to prevent post-menopausal osteoporosis, it is not suitable for everyone.
The risk of uterine cancer is only increased if Estrogen is taken without added progesterone in patients who still have their uterus intact. If you have a history of DVT or other vascular problems, it is not suitable for you.
The risk of breast cancer increases after 5-10 years on HRT and it is therefore recommended that you have annual mammograms and regular breast examinations while you are on HRT (this is important even if you are not on HRT).
Natural alternatives like phyto estrogens etc may have a beneficial effect on the symptoms of the menopause, but we have no conclusive evidence as yet that it is at all beneficial to bones.
Luckily there are many other treatment options for osteoporosis and you don't have to take hormones. This is a decision that needs to be taken by you after discussion with your doctor.
Hope this helps, but I would like to speak to you.
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