Ask an expert

04 Feb 2013

Hi There

I employed a nanny in August last year. My mandate was 5 days a week for 6 hours a day.

From the day she has started she has been constantly off work starting as early has her 4th day of work
She has now been off 12 days in 6 months. 5 off these days have been on a monday.
This year she has been off 3 times already, each time on a monday. Today being one of the days.

I unfortunately cannot continue like this as I have to work, and this is seriously jeapordising things at work for me (I work on 100% commission and when I dont have a nanny I cannot work which means I don''t earn) I need a reliable solution.

My Child was going to start creche on the first of April but today was the last straw and I decided she will now starting creche tomorrow as I cannot afford to loose anymore days of work. This means I don''t need the nanny anymore.

I feel that I have been horribly taken advantage off my good nature.

Due to the fact that I thought it would be difficult to find someone willing to work half day I decided I will pay a full day salary. My add in the news paper was for R3000/month

When I decided on a nanny she sms''ed me a week before the start date saying the transport costs would be a problem. Because it was so short notice and I had to start work the next week I said I will pay her transport and we can look at her relocating at a later stage.
We agreed on R3600/month, roughly R180 a day
To make things easier I started paying her R900/week which means I give her a bonus of about R400/month every month!!!

What do I need to do now as I dont need her, due to her own un-reliable nature? Do I need to pay her a months salary? Can I deduct the transport costs as she is not needing to come to me? i.e. R3000? What are the rules?