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17 Jan 2013

Debt settlement
Hi. I have two debts (one with Woolworths and the other with British American Tobacco) that have been handed over to MBD (attorneys / debt collectors) for non-payment. I was unemployed for 2 years and was unable to pay. I am now working but am still unable to pay the minimum amount due each month and am able to only pay R100 per month. I realise this is a silly amount but it really is all I can afford. A friend of mine has offered to settle these debts for me if I can negotiate a discount with these institutions. MBD states that they cannot give me a discount and the 2 institutions I am owing the money to are also saying that they can''t offer any discounts. At the rate of R100 per month, I''ll never be rid of these debts. Is there any way I can make them see that I really need to negotiate some kind of arrangement. Any advice on what I can do?