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19 Jan 2004

My problem began two months ago with anxiety attacks, a few weeks later, I got up one morining with pins and needles at the back of my head, going down to my left arm and leg. My nose blocks which makes me panick more. An MRI was done, the neurologist advised that all was clear (sinus also clear), but on the eeg there was kind of movement which can be treated with epileptic medication. I am not happy about epileptic treatment. The pins and needles have now subsided but anxiety still exists. I have been to many homeopaths, gp, specialist physician, what do i do now......., Drinking water from a glass is also causing panick attacks, am I alergic to something, how do I find out ....PLS HELP. I have used BIOSTRATH TABLETS from Oct 03 to Nov 03.

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01 Jan 0001

Hello Anxiety

You need to see the experts face to face please. Make an appointment to see a homeopath in your area asap. What you are experiencing is not normal and to treat it properly menas treating the cause. This is what the homeopath will try and ascertain.

Kind regards.



Panic attacks come on suddenly. There is an increase in respiration, heartbeat. There can be sweating. There is a feeling of being out of control as if you may die at any moment. The skin can become hot or cold. The face can be pale or flushed. The eyes have a staring look. The pupils of the eyes can become dilated. The person experiences extreme fear and panic of not being able to survive the experience.

A panic attack can result from an experience of trauma. Post traumatic attacks are often experienced as a result of mugging, hijacking, attempted murder or sudden loss of a loved one in an accident or due to illness.

Panic attacks know no boundaries. It is experienced by small children, teenagers, young people and the aged. Male and female equally succumb to it.

Panic attacks are often misdiagnosed. People find it hard to express how they feel and they are often sent home with a tranquiliser or a sleeping pill.

Panic attacks should not be confused with an attack of hypoglycaemia as they have many symptoms in common. It is very necessary to ensure that a correct diagnosis be made, based on blood sugar levels.

Uncontrolled panic attacks can lead to depression.

Nature’s Solution

• A Vogel’s Hyperiforce herbal drops have been used for many years to assist the brain to absorb enough serotonin, the vital link to a healthy emotional life. Lack of serotonin in the brain is often at the root of panic attacks.

• A Vogel’s Neuroforce homoeopathic drops is a combination of various substances which can offer the nervous system a wonderful tonic. Neuroforce has a calming and energising effect on the mood of the patient.

• A Vogel’s Dormeasan herbal drops is famous for its deep relaxing qualities as well as providing nutrients to a depleted nervous system. Dormeasan can be used through the day to stay calm and at night to bring a good night’s rest.

• Bio-Strath Elixir is a herbal yeast tonic which has been clinically proven to provide excellent support to emotional and mental disorders. Regular daily use of this important supplement will ensure a speedy recovery.

• Natura Rescue remedy is essential for any person who can feel anxious or scared easily. Carry it with you and take it frequently.

Some useful information

• Panic attacks can come on at any time. Many people wake in the night in a state of panic.

• Panic attacks and phobias often run together. The one can trigger the other.

• Most panic attacks are as a result of a traumatic experience.

• Caffeine will make matters worse! Do not drink coffee, tea or energy drinks. Watch out for caffeine in slimming products, cold and flu medicine.

• Exercise is very effective to control the excessive adrenalin which people suffering from panic disorder secrete.

• Panic disorder can also be called adrenalin disorder. Excessive adrenalin, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, is pumped into the body due to the thought processes of the patient which tells the body to prepare for fight or flight. This response becomes so regular that the body readily floods the blood with this powerful hormone in response to any little stimulus. In a manner of speaking, the survival of the body depends on its ability to have a fight or flight response. However, if the response is triggered constantly, when there is no actual danger, panic disorder can result.

What you can do:

- Eat a healthy diet. Please read the attached healthy eating plan. Good nutrition will benefit the body and mind in all ways.

- Avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol and energy drinks.

- Avoid slimming products which contains stimulants such as ephedrine, caffeine and Cotu Kola

- Get regular exercise. Nothing is better to diffuse an adrenaline rush than a brisk walk.

- Learn how to deal with your emotional triggers. If you can’t find out on your own what makes you feel terrified, seek help from a therapist or psychologist.

- Bananas, sesame seeds, almonds and honey will provide extra serotonin in the body. Eat them daily.

- Bio-Strath Elixir is a must. Take it regularly to restore the balances in the brain.

- If you have to use chemical medication to control the panic attacks, take Boldocynara, Dr A Vogel’s Liver drops, to assist the liver to cope with the chemical medicine.

- Use of recreational drugs often lead to panic attacks. It is best avoided. Get high on life, not drugs!

- Homoeopathic remedies are very useful for panic attacks. Consult with a homoeopath. Dr A Vogel’s remedies are supportive to any other treatment you might choose.

Hyperiforce Tablets. Each tablet contains 40 – 75 mg dried extract of fresh young shoots of St. John’s Wort (hyperici herba recentis extr. Sicc 3,9 – 5,0:1) with 0,33 mg of total Hypericin as well as auxiliary substances.

Hyperiforce Liquid. Application No. U916 (Act 101/1965) contains Hypericum perforatum .

Neuroforce Liquid Application No. U930 (Act/wet 101/1965) Contains Passiflora incarnate Ø, Avena sativa Ø, Zincum metallicum D12, China succirubra D6, Cypripedium pubescens D6, Phosphorus D30, Cocculus D6, Hypericum perfoliatum Ø, Ignatia D6, Staphisagria D6, Asarum europaeum D6, Sepia officinalis D12, Agnus Castus Ø, Selenium D12, in equal parts. Alcohol content 55% v/v

Boldocynara. Application No. U876 (Act 101/1965). Each 1 ml contains Cynara scolymus  421 mg, Silybum marianum  293 mg, Taraxacum off.  110 mg, Peumus boldus  64 mg and Mentha piperita  27 mg. Alcohol content 60% v/v.

Dormeasan Liquid Application No. U609 (Act/Wet 101/1965) Melissa officinalis Ø 66%, Passiflora incarnate Ø 16%, Humulus lupulus Ø, Valeriana off. Ø 3% Alcohol content: 65%v/v

All products are available from Pharmacies and Health Stores

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